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Kerry Statement on Bali Climate Change Roadmap


Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Statement on Bali Climate Change Roadmap

Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) made the following statement about the draft agreement reached at the international climate talks in Bali, announced this evening. Kerry was the only member of Congress to attend the international conference on climate change in Bali earlier this week.

"The good news is the world came together and produced a draft climate change roadmap, the bad news is that the United States' sole contribution was to make it less clear where that road from Bali will lead. The Bali roadmap is not all it could have been, but it is nonetheless a mandate for action whether George Bush realizes it or not.

"Equally important, while the Bush administration is increasingly out of touch, their days in power are also numbered. It will require new American leadership in 2009 to ensure that the United States leads rather than resists the world in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We're in a race against time, but we also have new opportunities to ensure that the industrialized nations and the developing nations come together to meet our shared but differentiated responsibilities in the years ahead."

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