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Edwards Campaign Statement In Anticipation Of Republican Debate


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Edwards Campaign Statement In Anticipation Of Republican Debate

One day after the release of a new CNN poll showing Edwards is the only Democrat to beat all four leading Republican candidates in head-to-head match ups, John Edwards for president communications director Chris Kofinis released the following statement:

"This afternoon we will watch as the nine Republican presidential candidates try to outdo each other with promises of how far they will go to continue the failed legacy of George Bush. They will talk tough and use empty rhetoric, but not a single one of these Bush Republicans will offer bold change or the true leadership America needs.

"The real truth is that the American people - regardless of whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents - are ready for bold change and true leadership. They're ready for a president who will fight for the middle class and regular Americans every single day. They're ready for a president who has the backbone to stand up to the special interests and their lobbyists that have corrupted Washington. They're ready for a president who they can trust will tell them the truth, a president who will help America rise again so that every family has a chance for the American Dream. And that president will be John Edwards.

"But talking about change isn't enough. If we want real change in America, Democrats need a nominee who will fight like hell to win in 2008 to beat any of these George Bush clones.

"We also need a Democratic nominee who won't only win the White House, but who can bolster Democrats majorities the House and Senate and help Democrats win down-ballot races. Rather than continue past failed elections strategies that ignored millions of voters and divided the country in red and blue, we need a Democratic nominee that can finally expand the map and compete in every state, from Montana to Missouri. And, fortunately for America, that nominee is John Edwards."

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