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Edwards Statement On Bush's Veto Of Children's Health Care Legislation


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Edwards Statement On Bush's Veto Of Children's Health Care Legislation

Senator John Edwards released the following statement following President Bush's veto of legislation to provide health care to uninsured children:

"Today, we have witnessed for a second time President Bush turn his back on health care for children. Rather than fight for the health and welfare of our children, Bush has decided to defend the status quo in Washington - a status quo that leaves countless of families and children without the affordable health care they need.

"There's something very wrong when in a country of so much wealth, our president has chosen to ignore the 9 million American children - including nearly 50,000 in Iowa - who lack health care.

"President Bush's second veto of the S-CHIP bill just goes to show why it's so important that our next president has the strength and courage to stand up and fight the lobbyists and special interests who have stood in the way of truly universal health care for decades.

"This has to stop. When I am president, I will unite the nation in an effort for truly universal health care where no family or child is left behind, and I will not rest until every American has the quality, affordable health care they deserve. That is the One America I believe in, and that is the America I will fight for when I am president."

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