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Time for a Change of Course in Iraq

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PALLONE. Madam Speaker, while our Nation and our military are paying a huge price for the continuing war in Iraq, the Iraqi Government itself refuses to take any steps needed to bring about political reconciliation. It has now been more than 320 days since the surge began. During that time, more than 860 American troops have been killed and we continue to spend more than $10 billion in Iraq every month; yet the Iraqi Government still refuses to live up to the promises it made to President Bush when the surge began.

The government promised that the Iraqi Parliament would pass a national oil and gas bill. It hasn't.

The Iraqi Government also promised the President that its parliament would pass a de-Baathification law. It hasn't.

The government also promised to hold provincial elections. Once again, they have failed to follow through.

Madam Speaker, how much longer is President Bush going to sacrifice both our military and our Treasury for an Iraqi Government that refuses to make the difficult decisions that could possibly produce real stability in Iraq? It's time for a change of course in Iraq.

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