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Cantwell Statement on Short-Sighted Blocking of Landmark Energy Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Cantwell Statement on Short-Sighted Blocking of Landmark Energy Bill

Friday, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) issued the following statement after the Senate failed to pass the House version of the Energy Bill H.R. 6 by a vote of 53 to 42.

"I am very disappointed this landmark energy package was blocked in the Senate today. America is facing a tremendous energy challenge, and the decision to reduce our nation's overdependence on fossil fuels should not be partisan or allowed to be sabotaged by special interests. The energy bill passed by the Senate this summer contained many of the key provisions voted on today - the first increase in fuel economy standards in over two decades, an aggressive requirement for the production of biofuels, and my ban on oil market manipulation.

The Senate came together across party lines to move our nation forward and make the next chapter in America's energy story about keeping our energy dollars here at home and in family pocketbooks, while reducing our contribution to global warming. The bill voted down by the Senate today would have reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by about 20 percent, and saved consumers about half a trillion dollars through 2030.

America needs a better plan and a better energy future. It is time to get serious about a more visionary approach to curbing our addiction to oil. The fight for a better energy future for America is just beginning. I'll continue to work with my colleagues to get a bill passed by the end of this year that not only delivers on the promises we made in the first Senate bill, but that has the votes needed to overcome any political and short-sighted opposition from the President."

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