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Weirauch Admits Her Support Of Free Healthcare For Illegal Aliens

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Location: Bowling Green, OH

Weirauch Admits Her Support Of Free Healthcare For Illegal Aliens

Bowling Green, Ohio — After trying to deceive voters into thinking she was tough on illegal immigration, liberal Congressional candidate Robin Weirauch admitted today that she supports a bill pending in Congress that would grant free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

"Voters are getting a preview of the way Robin Weirauch would vote if elected to Congress," said Bob Latta. "I don't support taxpayer funded benefits of any kind for illegal immigrants. It is an insult to taxpayers for Mrs. Weirauch to say she is tough on illegal immigration at the same time she is supporting a bill that would give free healthcare to illegal aliens."

Even the bill's author, the ultra-liberal Rep. John Conyers of Detroit, admitted that his legislation would provide free, taxpayer funded health care to illegal residents of the United States.

The bill accomplishes this by prohibiting the government or other health care providers from requiring a Social Security number to confirm citizenship.

"This bill was intentionally crafted to provide taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal immigrants," said Latta. "The fact that Mrs. Weirauch still supports this bill is proof positive that we can't trust her to be tough on illegal immigration in Congress."

Latta said the families of Ohio's 5th Congressional district deserve better.

"The hardworking families of Northwest Ohio deserve a Congressman who will represent their values and protect their tax dollars," said Latta. "Robin Weirauch is clearly not that person."

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