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Candidate Pledges Support for International Climate Change Effort


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Candidate Pledges Support for International Climate Change Effort

Senator John Edwards released the following statement supporting the talks in Bali intended to create the framework for a new global climate change treaty:

"Global warming is an emergency that requires immediate action from the world community. I applaud international leaders who are starting work in Bali to create a roadmap for a new binding global climate change treaty and urge them to hit the ground running with the knowledge that when George Bush leaves office, America's next president will be there with them.

"Our government should be offering the world more encouragement than the inadequate remark by the U.S. representative that our country would 'not be a roadblock.' America should be a leader in development of a new treaty that arrests climate change to block the worst effects of global warming. That means binding emission reduction targets, protocols for technology transfers to support efforts by developing countries and an aggressive approach to stopping deforestation.

"As president, I intend to meet with world leaders in my first 100 days in office to personally offer America's support for a vigorous and comprehensive effort to halt global warming."

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