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CNN Larry King Live Transcript

Location: Harlem, NY

March 2, 2004 Tuesday 9:00 PM Eastern Time

HEADLINE: Kerry Sweeps Super Tuesday States

GUESTS: Bob Dole, Bob Woodward, Al Sharpton

BYLINE: Wolf Blitzer, Larry King, William Schneider

HIGHLIGHT: John Kerry sweeps super Tuesday states.


KING: First speech by the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts at the Old Post Office Pavilion in Washington, D.C. They redid that whole pavilion, turned it into a super shopping mall, and obviously a good place for a gathering.

Let's get a comment in New York as well from Reverend Al Sharpton, as well a candidate for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination. Al is at Ann Ruth's Restaurant in Harlem.

Are you going to stay in, Al? We know that Edwards pulls out tomorrow.

REV. AL SHARPTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, I'm in now. We're still counting votes. The ballots in New York just closed a half hour ago.

First, I want to congratulate Mr. Kerry and his family. I think that is in order. But we are not in this just for a nomination. We're in it to make sure that people have been unheard are heard and issues that have been unaddressed are addressed.

How we'll proceed for now, we will decide after all the votes come in tonight. And we will sit down and discuss that. But we clearly are not in this just based on a nominee. We're in this based on an agenda, and that agenda must be addressed. Whether that will be a continuation of the race or not, we will determine that over the next few hours.

KING: Since that seems obvious, though, reverend, wouldn't it be-why, I mean, what's the point in prolonging the race?

SHARPTON: Well, the point is that if you end the race for a reason, not a season, that you want to do that until those reasons have been addressed. The only way this party can win is, they must be able to address all segments of the Democratic family. And the reason to prolong the race, or to deliberate, is to see if all segments of the family have been properly addressed.

KING: All right, can we...

SHARPTON: We said that from the beginning.

KING: Can we say, then, if you don't do well in New York, you're leaning toward leaving the race? You're going to make an announcement when, tomorrow, late tonight?

SHARPTON: Oh, I don't know. I would say we're going to make an announcement. I mean, they said we'd get 5 percent of New York, and the exit polls already say we've gotten probably double or more that. So you can already rest assured we'll do all right in New York.

I'm not worried about doing all right. I'm worried about our communities doing all right, and the agenda that we want to see put forth in this party for jobs and health care and other things. That's our concern.

And we again, we'll be deliberating, and we will decide certainly before next Tuesday how we proceed. Next Tuesday are the next round of primary.

KING: All right, you hold with us, Reverend Sharpton. Going to come back to you and take a break, and Bob Dole and Bob Woodward and Wolf Blitzer may have a question or two.

You're watching a special edition of LARRY KING LIVE on a historic night, a new candidate is born. Don't go away.


Content and programming Copyright 2004 Cable News Network Transcribed under license by FDCH e-Media, Inc.

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