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Edwards Statement On Senate Vote On Peru Trade Deal


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Edwards Statement On Senate Vote On Peru Trade Deal

Today, Senator John Edwards released the following statement on the Senate vote to approve the Peru trade deal:

"I'm disappointed by today's Senate vote to approve the Peru trade deal and expand the failed NAFTA model that has cost us more than a million jobs. The Peru trade agreement is an example of how corporate interests and their lobbyists and cronies have corrupted the Democratic Party. Like the failed free trade agreements before it, this agreement puts the interests of the big multinational corporations first, ahead of the interests of American workers and communities. By supporting this agreement, Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have sent a powerful message to workers across America that they're willing to put the profits of Wall Street over the interests of Main Street.

"Voters have a choice in this election. Do they want someone who will defend the broken system, someone who will continue the trade policies that have devastated communities like the one I grew up in? Or do we want someone with the strength and courage to stand up to the corporate interests and their lobbyists?

"As president, I will end the corruption in Washington and fight for trade agreements that strengthen and maintain, rather than undercut and erode, labor rights, environmental standards and wages. To restore the promise of America, I will support new, smarter trade policies that create jobs and help American workers get ahead."

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