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Kerry on Court's Decision to Close Bush's SUV Loophole, Enforce Fuel Standards

Location: Washington, DC

Kerry on Court's Decision to Close Bush's SUV Loophole, Enforce Fuel Standards

Senator John Kerry made the following statement today, when the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals struck down the Bush administration's flawed fuel economy standard for sport-utility vehicles and light-duty trucks.

"Today's decision from the 9th Circuit sends a clear and compelling message to the Bush administration that gone are the days of ignoring our environmental laws without consequences," said Kerry. "We need real steps to combat climate change, and getting serious about fuel economy is a great start. I am proud that the Senate passed a strong energy bill to help address climate change and reduce our oil dependence. In the same spirit as this court decision, we demanded action and accountability, including major increases in fuel efficiency for the first time in decades. I urge President Bush and his Roadblock Republican allies to listen to Congress, the courts, and the American people and make that bill the law of the land."

The court ruled that the administration's standard failed to account for the value of reducing heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions and failed to close the SUV loophole, which has allowed auto manufacturers to classify vehicles used primarily for transporting passengers as trucks, which are asked to meet more lax fuel economy standards.

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