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Edwards Campaign Launches New Grassroots Campaign Asking Voters To Help Reclaim America By Signing "America Belongs To Us" Pledge

Press Release

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Edwards Campaign Launches New Grassroots Campaign Asking Voters To Help Reclaim America By Signing "America Belongs To Us" Pledge

Today, the John Edwards for President campaign unveiled, asking voters to join together to make sure that our next president belongs to the people - not the lobbyists. The website invites voters to sign the "America Belongs to Us" pledge promising they will not vote or caucus for presidential candidates who accept campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs.

"I am proud to be the only presidential candidate who has never taken a dime from Political Action Committees or Washington lobbyists, because I'm determined to be a voice for regular families like the one I grew up in," said Edwards. "For too long, our political leaders in Washington have looked the other way as lobbyists and irresponsible corporations have fought against efforts to achieve real change in America.

"America needs a president who will fight for the American people every day, not defend a broken system. America does not belong to corrupt Washington lobbyists or corporations - it belongs to us. If we fight together we can reclaim America for the millions of hardworking families who wake up everyday and make our country great."

The Edwards campaign is challenging supporters to help gather 1 million signatures for the pledge by February 5th, 2008. To help meet the challenge, the campaign is asking members of the local action arm of the campaign - John Edwards One Corps - to dedicate at least one hour to gathering signatures before the deadline. In addition, the campaign will help One Corps volunteers in early primary states coordinate efforts to hit the streets and collect signatures for the pledge.

The website also includes an "Outrage of the Day" feature that will highlight the many different ways that lobbyists corrupt and influence Washington, and how John Edwards' bold and detailed policies will change America and end the corruption in Washington.

The text of the pledge is included below:

America Belongs to Us Pledge: Because I believe we need real change in America and an end to the broken system in Washington that works for special interests and not us, I pledge not to vote or caucus for a Democratic presidential candidate that accepts campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs.

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