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Biden Responds to McCain on Iraq


Location: Allison, IA


Today Sen. John McCain again defended President Bush's failed policies in Iraq and attacked Sen. Joe Biden, saying he was "willfully ignoring the facts on the ground." The facts on the ground are that there is no political progress in Iraq. Sen. Biden is the only candidate to have offered a political solution to end the civil war in Iraq.

Sen. Biden issued the following statement:

"I have great respect for John McCain and we clearly agree on one thing: our military will accomplish any mission we give them. Over and over again, they've done their job in Iraq, but the President has not done his. The point that John refuses to acknowledge is that, on its own terms, the surge has not succeeded. The purpose of the surge was to buy time for a political settlement to take hold. That has not happened and there is no evidence it will happen so long as the President stubbornly sticks to his misguided policy of trying to build a strong central government in Baghdad. There is a real window of opportunity here for the President to stop pursuing a failed strategy, and to bring the world in to help implement the plan I proposed - and that 74 other Senators endorsed - for a decentralized, federal Iraq. That's the only way we can leave Iraq without leaving chaos behind."


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