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Roskam: Time to Control Our Nation's Borders

Press Release

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Congressman Peter J. Roskam (R-IL) today partnered in introducing the bipartisan Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act of 2007 (SAVE), calling it a "common sense approach" to our nation's massive illegal immigration problem.

"Millions of people cross our border illegally every year to work in a shadow economy, often in dangerous conditions and for wages the American worker can't take," said Roskam. "If we cannot remove the magnets that attract illegal immigrants we can never move forward with immigration reform. The SAVE Act is a common sense approach that will require enforcement of current federal law."

The SAVE Act of 2007 addresses the illegal immigration problem with a three pronged approach by securing the borders, by making work authorization verification mandatory and by holding employers accountable for their employment practices.

"There is no argument that our borders are porous," stated Roskam. "This legislation will add 8,000 additional border patrol agents by 2012, while utilizing new technology and infrastructure to secure the border."

The second provision expands and makes it mandatory for employers to use the E-Verify program. E-Verify is a free, quick, and accurate way to verify employee eligibility. Currently the program is voluntary, putting users at an economic disadvantage to competitors that hire illegal immigrants.

"In Illinois, employers are actually forbidden from using any employee verification system," continued Roskam. "Employers must have tools available to ensure compliance with immigration laws in order to be held accountable for who they hire."

A third provision steps up enforcement of current immigration laws by providing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with more agents while training additional state and local law enforcement personnel.

"The SAVE act will help secure America's borders and stem the tide of illegal immigrants into our county," continued Roskam. "I am committed to finding a solution to one of America's biggest problems and am proud to work with so many friends from across the aisle on this important issue.

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