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In Case You Missed It: Governor Mitt Romney On Talk Radio Live


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In Case You Missed It: Governor Mitt Romney On Talk Radio Live

Governor Romney On The Need To End Sanctuary Policies (WTPL's "New Hampshire Wake-Up Show," 11/26/07):

Ken Cail: "We just had a commercial ten or fifteen minutes ago here on the Pulse, a Rudy Giuliani commercial, boasting about his immigration record. Should he be boastful of that in your opinion?"

Governor Mitt Romney: "Well, I?m surprised he?s bringing it up, but I?m glad he did. As you know, he said that if you happen to be an undocumented status, and that?s of course the euphemism for being illegal, he said we welcome you to New York and we?ll protect you here. So he created an environment which is now known as a sanctuary city. That kind of sanctuary policy is in fact what has led to the extraordinary explosion in illegal aliens coming into this country. And I have exactly the opposite view, I think we should cut back on federal funds to cities that won?t enforce the federal immigration laws. I like legal immigration, but illegal immigration has got to end and this sanctuary city policy and these amnesty policies. He is absolutely wrong and I will fight those at every turn."

Peter St. James: "I applaud you for that. You came out talking about banning the sanctuary cities, I think that?s fabulous."


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