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The Time for Mandatory Employee Verification is Now


Location: Washington, DC

The Time for Mandatory Employee Verification is Now

If the fact that 60 percent of all fake bombs and explosives went undetected through security at O'Hare International Airport was not enough to worry you, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has added more security lapses to your concerns. Just last week the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) raided O'Hare rounding up 23 illegal immigrants allegedly working for Ideal Staffing Solutions of Bensenville using fake identification to access secure areas of the airport. It appears that Federal authorities also discovered more than 100 security badges were issued to Ideal Staffing employees and did not match the people who carried them.

Compliance with our employment laws is the most basic of security checks. If DHS officials are this easily fooled by fake badges for illegal immigrants seeking work, then how easily can their security system be circumvented by terrorists seeking to do us harm?

Governor Blagojevich has taken the failures of Washington and imported them to Illinois. The State of Illinois, under the direction of the Blagojevich Administration, has actually made it illegal for employers to use any employee verification system - even if it is voluntary! This irresponsible decision has sparked a federal lawsuit against the state at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security stating that Illinois "has now made it illegal to comply with federal [immigration] law." While other states such as Arizona are making employee verification mandatory, Illinois is actually moving the ball backwards. The lack of leadership within this Administration proves a willingness to stand idle while Illinois become a sanctuary state.

I believe we must secure our borders while enforcing our current immigration laws. The immigration problem will continue to grow if we do not remove the magnets that attracted the millions of people to cross our borders illegally. Improvements to the current system should include a requirement for employers to participate in a mandatory employee verification system, increasing the number of border patrol agents and stronger enforcement of our existing immigration laws.

As such, I am an original cosponsor of the Secure America with Verification and Enforcement Act of 2007 (SAVE). This bipartisan plan will help secure America 's borders and stem the tide of illegal immigrants into our county by implementing such plans as the ones suggested above.

We can no longer have leadership at the local, state or national level that are willing to turn their backs on the problem of illegal immigration. I am encouraged to see nearly 50 of my Democratic colleagues have joined me as cosponsors on the SAVE Act and look forward to working with them to achieve a common sense solution.

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