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Edwards: Clinton Is Wrong, Politicians Should Not Have Health Care When The American People Do Not


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Edwards: Clinton Is Wrong, Politicians Should Not Have Health Care When The American People Do Not

Today, Senator John Edwards released the following statement:

"Last year in America, 35 million went hungry, 37 million lived in poverty, and 47 million went without health care. In the richest country in the world, that so many go without should shame us into bold action. But, too many politicians, rather than standing up and fighting for real change, seem more determined to make excuses and defend the status quo.

"Unfortunately, that's exactly what Senator Clinton did yesterday in Iowa. She said that it was ‘absurd' for a president to tell Congress and his administration that they should not have health care unless they are willing to provide the same for the country.

"What's absurd, actually, is for a Democratic candidate for president to make the case for why politicians in Washington deserve health care at taxpayers' expense when 47 million regular Americans have no health care coverage at all.

"This dispute goes to the core of the real differences between us. Contrary to what Senator Clinton may believe, the Constitution does not place the power in the hands of the health industry, the insurance industry or any industry or lobbyist - no matter how much campaign money they pour into the campaign coffers of presidential and Congressional campaigns.

"The Constitution places the ultimate power in the hands of the people. And it is the American people whom I will fight for every single day as president.

"I look forward to Thanksgiving Day in 2009, when millions of American families will celebrate that this was the year their president and our leaders in Washington did what was right and passed true universal health care."

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