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Garrett Gazette


Location: Washington, DC

Garrett Gazette - November 13, 2007

Dear Friends:

This past weekend, I celebrated Veterans Day with local veterans and their families, neighbors, and friends at a number of local remembrance ceremonies. It was a true honor to do so. As I was unable to attend all the memorials across the district, I also shared my gratitude through written remarks at several additional ceremonies. I wanted to share those with you now. If you are a veteran, a currently serving member of the Armed Forces, or the family of either, please accept my thanks now as well.

Dear Friends and Honored Veterans,

At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, we marked the official end to the war that would end all wars. Or so we hoped and prayed on that day. But so many times since then, our brave young men and women have been called to duty again. Whether to the shores of Normandy and the South Pacific; to the jungles of Asia; or to the sands of the Middle East our heroes have always answered the call, sacrificing their safety and putting their lives on hold to preserve our freedom.

This weekend, as so many sons and daughters fight overseas for us, we cannot help but be struck by the sacrifices made that we may be here today. Let this Veterans Day be a day for quiet contemplation by us all; a day to thank the Lord for the blessings of our family and friends, our freedom and our security. Let it be a day to thank the Lord for the stoic courage of those who wear our uniform here and abroad - and have done so in years past - so that we may count those very blessings. Let this Veterans Day truly be a second day of Thanksgiving for each of us.

I regret that I cannot be with you in person to share these words with you. To those of you gathered today in uniform of present or prior day, I cannot thank you enough. To those of you gathered there today to remember those lost, I cannot thank you enough either. Our nation is built upon your strength and honor.

May God bless the United States of America and the brave souls who keep its beacon of light and hope shining brightly in a troubled world. May God bless you all.


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