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Matheson Supports Defense Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Matheson Supports Defense Bill

Congressman Jim Matheson said Thursday's passage of this year's Defense Appropriations bill means more funding to purchase mine-resistant vehicles for troops serving in Iraq, as well as a 3.5 percent pay raise for members of the military.

"This bill is about support for our fighting men and women and about providing what they need and what their families need in order to continue their exemplary service to our country," said Matheson.

The annual Defense Appropriations legislation—HR 3222—includes $11.6 billion to purchase mine resistant vehicles and $980 million to purchase replacement equipment used up in Iraq by National Guard and Reserve units.

Matheson secured $6.6 million for ongoing research and development of several Utah-based projects. He said the bill includes the following:

$1.6 million for Ceramatec's Electroosmotic Pain Therapy, which will provide an alternative to current therapies for chronic pain treatment;

$1.6 million for Kennecott's Lightweight Motors for Future Combat System—to test and deploy copper-rotor induction motors for drive systems in military applications;

$1 million for Cyberkinetic's Neural Control of External Devices, which in conjunction with the University of Utah will accelerate breakthrough technology of a direct interface between the human brain and artificial limbs;

$2.4 million for L3's Rover III to provide enhanced air/ground coordination, significantly shortening the time required for positive target identification and engagement.

"These Utah firms and Utah employees have developed a number of innovative products that contribute to the success of our military and to our national defense and I am pleased this funding will support that effort," said Matheson.

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