Position Paper - The People's President! Part 3

By:  James Prattas
Location: Unknown


So many useless and illegal laws and lawyers of times past that are no good for the people today, used to keep the people down, divided and confused, that have made many criminals when not and who are suffering today so we can be "so-called free."

All laws will be common sense and obvious to us all.

Violent crimes like: murder, kidnapping, rape, child molestation, robbery, treason, conspiracy and other violent crimes with weapons will be punishable by death.


Everybody needs love and few of us experience it daily, if ever.
Love is not something to possess and control because nobody can do that.
Love is something precious and priceless that is given without conditions or expectations of return.
Love is like the sun shining upon the earth.
Without this loving light the earth would be a dark cold place like many of our hearts.
We humans place love in the top category of our needs yet they are rarely met.
We spend billions trying to impress others to love us and we still don't get any.
It is important to love ourselves and God and yet this is difficult for most of us, especially forgiving ourselves for our mistakes or life's learning lessons.
Did you get some today?
I believe if we give love freely we will receive love in return. Good Luck or get a Bichon Frisee!

Medical Research:

Medical research is very important as we all know.
We are now at a new frontier of endless solutions
that were never available before this time.
We will increase medical research.


We all need Good Health care.
We also need a National. Hospice program.
We also need a National healing center program.
We all would like the opportunity to die as honorably as possible.
Because of new developments in medicine and prevention health care, our citizens are healthier, happier and safer.
We need to fund health care with the help of
the medical industry as partners working together.
How much is a fair price for healthy medical care of our citizens?
Let's have national forums on where we go with medicine and who should profit.


Yes, we will fund NASA, if it's run by the USA military.

I suppose there is something to learn from running away from home thinking the grass is greener on the other side
and maybe it is, but we have hardly re-discovered ourselves or the ocean or our mind or our soul
or the sea or love or our relationship ourselves or loved ones or God..
There is so much to learn about life here and now on Earth. All I see is military control of the air and outer space. We should take control.

I am happy here on earth.
By the way, isn't it interesting about how our astronauts see and experience God when they are so far away from home?
Get the message?

National Borders:

We can and will protect the borders that are wide open today. If we supposedly can't stop immigration from Mexico and Canada, we should consider
making them the 51st and 52nd States of the USA
and secure the Northern Continent.

National Parks:

We will take care of our National, State and Local parks because they take care of our Natural Resources for all of us and the wild animals.
Our parks are sanctuaries to the soul.
We need them for getting away from our own societies and chaos..

Religion and Government:

It's interesting to note the Declaration of Independence,
the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America All profess "In God we Trust" and that
the President of the USA is sworn in with his hand on the Bible.
The Supreme Court Justices and all those who swear to "God" or are they lying? as they receive their appointment in office and in the courts and weddings and baptisms in most religions throughout the country and the free world.
But Bibles and religion today are not allowed in schools
since the communists and their lawyers have taken control of America. "In God We Trust?"
Or is it the Devil and his forked tongue friends?
You are the boss of your own life and possibly
your freedom and destiny. How will you stand,
in the light or in the darkness?
It's your choice, remember there is really Karma
and a Heaven and a Hell!

I believe Prayer is very important for the human soul and God likes prayer.
Every student has the right to silent meditation and prayer for 5 minutes in school each day
before school starts and at special school events.
It is his choice.

Scientific Research:

Yes, we will always fund scientific research and we need to increase those funds.

Social Security:

We need a Social Security as a safety net for those of our society who at some point in his/her life need this help.
We need to protect social security for our citizens now
and also allow citizens to invest their contribution into mutual funds or stocks of their choice in a social security tax trust fund until retirement.
It's the peoples' money possibly earning a better return.
This is the price we pay for the destruction of the family and the community who have nobody to care for them.
Also, there are many who receive Social Security who are not legally entitled, thus draining the system.
In the future, families will rebuild and renew themselves
from all the past political horror that destroyed families
and scattered us all over the world.
We all have PTSD. It will take 1,000 years of peace to rebuild a healthy genetic code.

State Department:

The State Department will actually serve the people of the United States of America instead of alien and foreign powers against the USA.
Any and all parties, past or present administrations,
will be held responsible for any and all traitor acts against the USA and its citizens, will be brought to justice.


We need Survival Shelters supplied with medicine, food, water, clothing, etc. for all cities nation wide with trained personnel. Mother Earth is rocking and rolling let's
be prepared.
We need educational programs on survival for all ages.
Each states National guard would run the program.


The lowest is the best and yet we have services that must be paid for daily. Let's find the fair amount.

Technology Issues:

We have reached a place in the human mind again when, what we think, we can create
freedom rules creativity as does necessity.
Nano technology will rule. E=Mc2.


Teenagers are very unique.
It is one of life's most difficult times growing up.
Teenagers minds, bodies, souls, desires and hormones are racing faster than light. They are true pioneers and explorers of the human mystery. Teenagers need gigabits and gigabits of love and understanding. Teenagers are going to experiment with just about anything available to them. Didn't you?
Today many of our teenagers are spiritually, mentally and physically in pain and most of them do not know it,
or do not know how to communicate it to others.
Most live in single parent environments and receive little or no love or attention.
Many teenagers live in very abusive situations from poverty, alcoholism, drugs and
your basic dysfunctional parent or guardian.
They are unable to defend themselves spiritually, physically or mentally. and wonder "why?"
They are expected to take care of themselves,
while they are actually very young,
inexperienced children growing up.
Teenagers need LOVE and attention.
They also want to be respected and acknowledged.
Teenagers basically have little or no money to spend.
They need places where they can go play safely
with their peers within their communities.
The juvenile courts and criminal system is using teens as scapegoats and possibly creating future criminals.

Transportation and Highway Infrastructure:

We need to create mass transportation systems
like mono-rails, and" Jetson" type cars and transports,
that are non-polluting electro-magnetic matrix-compatible vehicles.
I propose a gift of $100 million to the first person or company that can create a non-polluting "Jetson" type vehicle that is as good as a Ford that can follow along a matrix.
I also propose a gift of $1,000,000,000. to the individual or company that can design, fund and produce a simple, efficient, non-polluting moon-rail system following a matrix that can be built Nation-wide within 10 years.
If George Lucas can create imaginary Pods, we will create the real thing.
We need to build, expand, repair and modernize most of our roads, bridges and highways.


The US should withdraw completely from the UN or only participate when vital US interests are involved.

Veterans Issues:

Whoever is responsible,
present or past administrations, for using GI's and Veterans for human research because I am told
"they are cheaper than dogs and monkeys"
will be arrested and prosecuted and their assets seized.
Nobody should have better medical treatment than someone who has given his life for God and Country.
Every President, Senator, Congressman can have no better health treatment plan than is available at the VA or other USA military hospitals.
All elected representatives will receive their medical benefits at these institutions to insure our most Honorable receive the Best the world has to offer.

The conspiratorial program from our own State Department towards Veterans and GI's consistently trashing them and their families since the Viet Nam war is to destroy the "Spirit of America" so she will not fight the last battle coming up soon.

Welfare and Poverty:

The most humbling of human events is when we need assistance, when our life has fallen apart, either from our own fault or natures and having a need in making life work and having to ask for help.

The problem today is that there are many on welfare who have no business receiving benefits
that are available for our humble citizens
and are draining the system.
Better get off or you will end up at "Happy Camp."
Most illegal immigrants do not deserve nor are entitled to benefits. Most homeless, drug addicts and other dysfunctional citizens need another kind of help such as re-education, detoxification and self-empowerment so that they can take care of themselves.
Happy Camp is a healing center.

Women's Issues:

Women need lots and lots of love, understanding, acceptance and respect.
For thousands of years women are the most abused people of this earth and the most needed. Without women there is no Love, no people, no family and no passion of the heart and soul that creates life.
Because women are abused for thousands of years, so the children are abused consciously and subconsciously for thousands of years. This will stop.
No man has the right to tell women what to do or with their bodies, minds or souls.

Freedom for all women to be the real women of their own true inner desires, spiritually, mentally and physically.
Thank you, Mother, for all you've done for me.


We need to increase the minimum wage with benefits.
There has to be an honorable way that people can afford to pay for shelter, food, clothing, medicine, transportation, education and have a life, without the government subsidizing it.
There are companies and individuals making vast fortunes today and paying their workers with peanuts and leftovers.
The bottom is modern slavery.

The arrogant elite at the top once cried: "let them eat cake!"
The rest is history! Will history repeat itself?


What student can answer the following $$$Billion$$$ Dollar question?

What leaders and which countries lay down the following principle for the conduct of war against foreign powers?

1. Undermine everything that is Good in the land of your enemies.
2. Implicate the ruling class of your enemies in corruption and turn their youth into drug addicts.
3. Undermine the standing of all leaders by frequent scandals.
4. Do not hesitate to use the lowest and most repulsive creatures as collaborators.
5. Use all means in your power to impede the activity of the government.
6. Spread sectional disputes in the land of your enemies.
7. Incite the young to struggle against the old.
8. Devalue the traditions of your enemies, destroy all authority.
9. Organize sabotage and withdrawal of labor.
10. Sap the fighting spirit of the enemy by sensual desires and soft music.
11. Make the enemy believe in total sexual freedom. Turn his women into whores.
12. Buy the services of traitors and infiltrate the enemy with spies.
13. Divide and rule! Divide the whole nation into groups.
14. Punish all criticism of the state.
15. Dissolve close family relationships.
16. The masses are to be disarmed, intermingled and conscripted to labor.
17. All private property becomes "state property."

Now ask this question:

Is this what we see happening today in our "Whitehouse" and in America and in other nations?

If your answer is Yes

Why is Bill Clinton and the Democratic party working to destroy America today?

Good Luck and may the FORCE be with You!

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