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Position Paper - The People's President! Part 2

Location: Unknown

This was War #3

Well, here we go and there are lots of skeletons in this closet.

War #4:

The "New American Revolution" and "The New World Revolution" of the 21st Century." Quantum leap forward!

Everybody in the world wants to enjoy freedom now.
Remember: "Life Is Good!" Freedom!

Remember to ask questions and question authority. We the people have the power to create the life we want to live!

Agricultural Issues:
We absolutely need to take care of Mother Earth and She will take care of us.
We need to protect our American farmers from imports and global international conglomerates that are destroying the little family farmers and also polluting the soil, water and produce with non-water- soluble fertilizers, hormones, hybrids and additives.
I propose we convert our chemically fertilized farm lands into organic specialty farms that will bring in a higher profit and improve the soil, water and produce for thousands of years. All produce in the future will be organic. We need to protect our cattleman from imports.
We also need to legalize industrial hemp production in America.

Art Issues:
We need to increase funding for all elementary, high school and college art programs such as music, art, drama, dance, painting, computers, film, etc.
Art is good for the American Soul.
Where Art goes, the mind goes and so does the world.
Art is very important for everybody.
There is one major problem with national public funding of the arts and that responsibility is what is
acceptable vs unacceptable
perverted sick art that twists people's minds.

Campaign Finance:
We need campaign reform. Equality is a good start.
Support your candidate.
Remember, they are representing you.
Are they really your representative or
are you their slave?
Did they sell their soul already?
Do you want a strong leader or a creamy rich hostess twinky,
who will be your private dancer or you theirs.

Children are a gift from God.
Children need lots and lots of love, as we all do.
I want everybody to learn about raising children with compassion and understanding. Children are not some possession or asset.
They are Love.
They will give you what you give them.
Spend time with them.
Do things together.
It takes time
Learn how to be a real parent.
Love works miracles.

Civil Rights:
Everybody wants to be respected as equal and treated in the same manner as we would want others to do.
I have personally been beaten by whites thinking I am Jewish and by blacks thinking I was white.
It is one of God's commandments to respect others.
As education spreads throughout the country, civil rights will be respected and honored as the way for
peace, love and light on the planet Earth.
I am well liked by all races because I am American.

Courts of Law:

All courts and judges will be reviewed publicly with a public forum and web site for all to report any injustices or compliments like favoritism, briberies, or political paybacks.
Does President Clinton, the Attorney General, FBI and the courts have the right to kill (burning them to death) innocent men, women, and children who are citizens of the USA? NO!
This will make sure that they follow the law and not political contributors or fellow conspirators.
Any public servant, federal, state or local,
found to have corrupted his or her position of responsibility
will be arrested for conspiracy and treason.
Justice will pervade.

Crime and Punishment:

All double standards will be removed.
The punishment will serve the crime.
There are no more excuses that the twinky made me do it
for violent criminals or
fast talking forked tongue politicians and lawyers.


The defense of our Nation is very important.
We will be here for a long time as the number one country of the 21st century.
We will have the strongest military because I am a no Bull Shit kind of warrior from Blackhorse.
As to leaders of foreign countries,
I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.
What shall it be?
Let's work together for a thousand years of peace.
There are many human problems to solve instead of killing each other. Let's make love.
Let peace and freedom flow through us all today.
Any citizen, military personnel, past or present commanders responsible for turning over
National Security Information or military secrets
or technology, will be arrested for
conspiracy and treason and shot to death.


Drugs are everywhere.
Look around.
They are in our body.
They are in our food.
They are in our plants.
They are in our air.
They are in our water.
They are in nature and in our chemistry laboratories!
They are legal and illegal.
Most of the World governments deal drugs.
Why is it that the first hate crime in the world is against Women and the Second is against people who
smoke marijuana world-wide affecting over 100 million people?
Free the marijuana people now from the prisons, world-wide!

Why are the governments afraid of the Peace, Love and Light generation of the 60's and 70's?
Is freedom of the people an issue? Yes !!!!!!!!!!
I have tried most drugs (legal and illegal) and know that heroin and morphine are for those in life threatening painful situations like Cancer or Aids.
Most of the world's leading governments have been doing business with heroin producing countries for a long time using it not only for medicinal purposes but also political reasons to keep people down and dependent.
The British are the most widely known to use heroin with the Chinese.
Opium is used by the very old in Asia for arthritis and pain.
They take a puff or two and it gives them relief from pain.
People who use heroin, morphine or opium for recreational use are actually in spiritual and mental pain and literally knock themselves out instead of facing their problems.
These drugs and people need proper medical supervision.

Our Native American and Mexican Indians use peyote for healing the heart, mind and body.

We white people in Europe and in the USA use lsd-25, mescaline, mushrooms for similar reasons.

Many of the world's famous psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, healers, shamans, authors, scientists, computer scientists, movie directors, actors, politicians, bankers, artists, military, CIA, and other professionals from Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and in most colleges and universities throughout America and the world have used and studied psychoactive sacraments

The problem is we have no elders that
watch over us and pray for us
as the Indians do
because of politics and the laws used to control people.
We have rock n' roll concerts
inexperienced youth following rock stars
who do not know either,
searching for truth within themselves not knowing how to get here.
They have no road map to follow.
I believe in the near future we will have
healing centers for safe enlightenment
led by elders.

Everybody knows that cocaine, crack, methaphetamine will ruin your immune system and destroy your life.

If China, Russia, Mexico and South America
and their cartels really like cocaine and heroin and speed,
why don't they legalize it and
have all the drug tourists come there?
They can call it "Coca La Vida Disneyland."
Think of all the money you guys will make!
The return of the curse! Your family and friends will be proud of you and you can enjoy all the benefits
you so rightly deserve.

But if your drugs are not good and recreational
and healthy as you claim they are, then your actions are
a clearly defined military action to infiltrate
and destroy America!

Beware, there is a clear and present danger coming your way!

We don't want it in America.

Whiskey, vodka, wine, beer, gin, and all the other herbal tonics are just as addictive as heroin, cocaine and tobacco as all research has proven for a thousand years.

Marijuana is used by over 100 million people world- wide for centuries.
There is good marijuana and bad marijuana.
Medicinal use of marijuana will be legalized.
The best was from the big island of Hawaii, Kona Gold and Puna butter.
Do you people in Hollywood, San Francisco, New York
and Washington DC remember it?

Marijuana is the least of all the evils of the herbal kingdom and can be a blessing or a curse.
Obviously marijuana can be found everywhere and is not for children.
The problem with alcohol, herbs, pharmaceutical drugs, tobacco and the like is called responsibility.
It is my personal belief that most people should not consume drugs.
If you are going to experiment with drugs, wait till you finish college. Your mind and body will be more mature
to understand clearly the experience.
My message to youth is say: "No, thank you."


The economy will do very well.
The Dow Jones will pass 30,000.
There are so many people on earth that if a person sold chop sticks in Asia at .05 cents profit per chop stick they would earn at least $50 million a day.
Today, there is a feeding frenzy out in the market place
because of the rapid developments of technology
world-wide. Be smart, read, and
invest wisely in the United States of America.


Our public schools have been trashed on purpose by democrats, socialist and communist.
Our Public schools will become the best in the world while I am President.

College will be free if you qualify.
When you graduate with a "A" average or better from college, you will receive one Free trip Around the World (estimate: $2,000 travel and $2,000 expenses.) as America's student ambassador learning and sharing with our fellow citizens of the planet Earth.

If George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton can run off to Iraq, Kosovo, and spend at least 10 billion dollars
building up and then destroying them,
we will spend billions on education.
"knowledge is strength!"

Employment and Affirmative action:

We do not need affirmative action because everybody is hired by his abilities.
We will begin to rebuild all American Infrastructure.
There will be work for a 100 years minimum.
Just the building of our mass transportation system such as mono-rails throughout America will take 10-25 years
and then there are the New Cities and new technologies
to build in the 21st century.
We are now creating what we think within a very short period of time.
Almost everybody in America will need to
be retrained and re-educated for the 21st century.


We will protect Mother Earth or we will Die!
Who among you can live without
Clean AIR, clean WATER, and clean FOOD?


We must protect and rebuild the American family.
There is a program in place to destroy the American family,
not only in the USA but also throughout the world.
The government can't replace family
and without family there is no USA. There is no you!
Without family there is nothing worth celebrating about.
Love makes the world go round and round.

Federal Debt reduction:

Yes, let's reduce it like our credit card debt.
We have to have a balanced budget like all families and business do or we will go to hell at the damnation
of the international bankers.
Let's control them for a change.
No, we don't want your money, we have plenty of our own!

Foreign Policy:

I am most concerned with what is going on in America.
As in the Iliad, Odysseus returns home from battle only to find the kingdom in a chaotic state.
It will take time and patience to clear things up.

I believe we must positively defend our position in the world as a world leader.
How can we help other nations improve life for their citizens peacefully? Education is the way.
I believe in treating all foreign governments with respect, integrity, friendship and living together in peace.
Life is Good.
I also believe the Europeans should have taken care of their own business in Bosnia and Kosovo.
It's a European issue. They are actually brothers and sisters.

Most of Earth's nations have to get their shit together very soon or they will implode.
Countries so talented and gifted,
but corrupted by power, lust and greed.
When the people of those countries realize
that they have the power now,
they can free themselves into joining the Free world, thereby creating a better life for themselves and their children.
The Question is: At what point in time
will the people take control?
I believe it is now.
I know most people on Earth believe in Love.
Life Is Good!
In the future as the world rapidly changes, it's possible
that: Cain and Abel will forgive.
It's possible that they will sit down to dinner and eat and drink together.
They may possibly dance together or even share songs.

Greece and Turkey could become one Nation. They are actually brothers and sisters.
Israel and the Arab world could become one Nation. They are actually brothers and sisters.
India and Pakistan could be one Nation. They are actually brothers and sisters.
North and South Korea could be one Nation. They are actually brothers and sisters.
China is one Nation without Tibet, Taiwan and Japan.
China will implode sometime between now and the year 2004.
Russia will implode by the year 2003.
The South American countries could become, the United States of South America. They are actually brothers and sisters.
The United States of America could include Canada and Mexico. They are actually brothers and sisters.
North and South America could possibly become the United States of America. They are actually brothers and sisters.
There is The United States of Earth,
they really are brothers and sisters.
"Love is the way." "Patience is a virtue!"

I believe it is possible to have world peace today,
and for the next 2 thousand years.
Life is Good.


ALL Brave-Hearts sing: Freedom for all!

It is an honor and your right as a human to be Free in the world today.
You may have to work for it.
You may have to die for it.
What do you have to lose other than a life of slavery?

I believe that most of the world population today
if given a choice, would vote to accept
the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution
and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America
for his own!

It may not be perfect and then it might be, it is the best!

I wish you all in the world
the strengths from God to help You become free.
It is work even in the USA.
Chop wood, carry water.

Gay Issues:

I have gay relatives and I understand.

Health Issues:

We all need Good Health Care!
We need to take responsibility for our own health
and not depend on the government for everything.

We should all read and study health education, prevention, natural medicines and remedies to support our health care.
There are so many medical and alternative healing therapies that the government can't and will not pay for them all. Some are ridiculous.
The future is very bright in scientific research for medicine.
The public is becoming more aware of herbal and vitamin therapies available to all who can "afford" it and that is the problem with health care. Cost.
We will continue to fund medical research.
We must develop a reasonable plan for Good Health care for all Americans that includes alternative healing therapies.


I know that each and every one of us is an immigrant at some point in time.
I know that we all want a better life for ourselves and family.
I know that most of us don't want benefits.
We want the opportunity to live and work in freedom in the kingdom called the USA

Let us have a moratorium on immigration
until we can work out our difficulties first.
I propose an Amnesty for All immigrants
that are here now, except for criminals.

All immigrants should realize
it's not what we can do for you, but
what you can do for America.
We can not give benefits to every illegal immigrant unless
there is a life threatening situation.
I do believe in helping citizens and
aliens in retraining and education.
It is important to be able to make a good living in America.
It is good for America.

International Aid:

Aid should be granted to countries that are close allies of the U.S. and in need of financial/military assistance or extraordinary circumstances of disaster to human life.

I want to stop 99% of all international aid going to corrupt governments
and foreign leaders and put it to work rebuilding
America First. Enough is enough!

International Trade:

I believe in open trade.
I do not believe in open trade at the detriment and destruction of our own people, unions, and our own way of making a living in America. Nor do I believe in selling our technology to foreign powers or enemies of the state.
This is conspiracy and treason.
At what price will we stop to see the China-man?
I predict that most American companies will return ASAP to American soil or risk being banded forever.


American English is the official language of the USA.
We are not going to have nor do we need two or more official languages. This is a divisive political agenda.
Yes, many immigrants speak their mother tongue and that is good to know. I can speak Greek, but I do not want everybody speaking Greek as the official language of the USA. American English is the language of the international community.

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