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Edwards Statement On Growing Problem Of Hunger In America


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Edwards Statement On Growing Problem Of Hunger In America

Today, in response to a report by the Associated Press that food banks across America this winter are seeing increased demand for their services at the same time that donations and federal government assistance have decreased, Senator John Edwards released the following statement:

"This week, as families across the country gather together to celebrate Thanksgiving, we are reminded once again of the sad fact that millions of American families still go hungry.

"President Bush should be ashamed that in the wealthiest county in the world, millions of hard working families can't afford to put food on the table. In the America we believe in, our president does not look the other way as children and families go hungry.

"Over this president's term, we have seen the costs of fuel, housing and health care skyrocket, so it should be no surprise that 35.5 million people in America went hungry - up from 33.2 million in 2000.

"Now, as more families are forced to turn to food banks for help, government assistance has decreased and food banks have seen a decrease in donations, resulting in unprecedented shortages and forcing food banks to cut portions and turn away families in need.

"America is better than this. We simply cannot stand by while tens of millions of our fellow citizens go without the necessities of life. It is our moral obligation to build One America, to end poverty and take steps to secure and strengthen the middle class. We must stand up to the corrupt insiders and corporate interests that control Washington so we can pass universal health care, raise the minimum wage, strengthen unions and take other steps to make the everyday lives of hard-working Americans better."

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