Position Paper - The People's Presdient! Part 1

By:  James Prattas
Location: Unknown

Prattas for President

The People's President!

Aloha and welcome to my home page.

Here you will find a little personal history and my brief Presidential position paper on a few basic topics of interest to us all . Welcome to the new American revolution!

I am available to address your organization. Please call
1(415)488-0100 or e-mail: jprattas@prattas.com

Also you will read about a few of my conscience concerns, dreams, goals and vision for our Nation for the next hundred years and the 21st Century, in poetry.

To my fellow citizens of the United States of America and to my fellow citizens of the planet Earth:


Personally speaking, I am running for the office of President of the United States of America only because, Duty calls.

I personally don't care if you are a fellow Republican, Democrat, Reform, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, Communist or whatever!

What concerns me is whether you are:

FOR the United States of America, and that
you understand and know our faith in God,
our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights,


AGAINST these truths that
we cherish and hold to be self-evident to this day.

We need to stop fighting each other and work together for America.

I propose that we have National Public Forums
with everybody throughout the United States of America for 6 months
discussing the American vision, goal and dream for the 21st Century!

Where are we going? Do the people agree?

Is there One Love? Can we work together?

Is there a Middle Road between the High and the Low?

I believe there is!

Everybody wants Peace.
Everybody wants shelter to call his own.
Everybody wants to feed and clothe themselves and their loved ones.
Everybody wants to make a good living and have a good life.
Everybody wants a good education for themselves and their children.
Everybody wants to live in a safe environment.
Everybody wants everybody to honor basic human rights and civil liberties.
Everybody expects their Government to work as well as a Ford!
Everybody wants good affordable health care.
Everybody wants a more balanced lifestyle.
Everybody wants LOVE!

The reason I ask this question is because I have noticed a
"Clear and Present Danger"
to Dis-Credit, Dis-Mantel, and Dis-Arm and Destroy
all of "Our Infrastructure"
that is vital to our National security
and well-being for
THE United States of America.

What is interesting to note is that it is
"some of our own elitist"
and multi-national political cartels,
that have corrupted themselves
upon destroying our Holy land, reducing it to a dark, corrupt and evil helpless third world country
for the benefit of their "New World Chaos"
their global agendas of planetary management,
something like a
Harvard MBA program for the weak minded and inexperienced.

First of all,
I want you to know that I am a poor ignorant soul who is just an Artist, healer and disabled combat Viet Nam veteran living on a stipend.
I own nothing other than my art and my soul.
I am not rich, famous, nor a member of any elitist groups, clubs or organizations.
I am uneducated and ignorant compared to most of my fellow citizens.

My favorite musical CD is the Bob Marley Legend, and I really like #2 No woman no cry, # 4 Three little birds and #14 Jamming!

I never graduated from Broadripple High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, the home of Dave Letterman and his first jokes.

I did not graduate from Dominican College in Marin county, California because
the Veterans Administration canceled my art program claiming
Art has no Value in America and I owe them money.

I do not spell well nor write well and yet I will do my best to be simple and clear, E=Mc2.

I may not appear at first to be well suited for the job of Presidency and I will do my best, so help me God.

I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.
My parents are immigrants from Sparta, Greece.
My mother is Niki Kerhoulas Prattas and my father is John D. Prattas who owned the St. Moritz Restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana. Many knew him.
I watched my father die at home at a family party when I was six.
My mother remarried and had a special daughter who died at eight while I was in Viet Nam.

My brother, Christopher, committed suicide after serving in Viet Nam.
I went to Shortridge and Broadripple High School. I was a troubled and rebellious teen. I was expelled from High school for something I did not do, prior to graduation.
I joined the Army in 1968 during the Viet Nam war. I really didn't want to go.

I couldn't afford to go to college as the rich sons did.

I served in the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, Aero Rifle Platoon, 4th squad, "Black Beret's" 1969-70.
I also served in S-2, military intelligence with the 11th ACR, HHT.

I understand George Jr. and Clinton's fear of not wanting to serve in Viet Nam knowing that all those who served in Viet Nam were sacrificial lambs
sent to die for Viet Nam without honor
and those who lived to be humiliated mentally, physically and spiritually by our own country,
family and friends,
while they all prospered at the veterans expense

How much money did our leaders and their friends make?
Those who own the armament factories,
from the blood
of our sons and daughters
who served in the war?

Great Foreign Policy, brilliant Harvard and Yale MBA minds, and what about the Chinese and Russians who tortured our prisoners of war,
and where are their remains,
and where are those who did it today?

What about those left behind by our own State Department on purpose?

My first job was to plan B-52 raids. My commanding officer would hand me a "Top Secret" file and order me to plan three B-52 raids a day.
A Top Secret document then would read something like this " Double Agent" Nguyen claims enemy battalion activity in these co-ordinates.

Sir, what is a double agent as far as we are concerned?

Oh, that's somebody North Viet Nam pays off and we do too!
Well sir, I have a problem. Is that not a contradiction?
How do we know that there is enemy out there or innocent villagers or even our own people?
We don't know!
Well then who does?
The only people that know are the "Black Berets."
Sir, what is a black beret?
I've heard of Special Forces, Navy Seal, and Forrest Reconnaissance.
Black berets are your mission impossible teams.
They are all volunteers from different branches of service. They are the only people who really know what's going on. They go very deep behind the enemy lines.

Well, I was in a moral dilemma.

Is this our White House, Pentagon, CIA, and State Department lying to us all,
sacrificing our sons and daughters
to die for Viet Nam
the military Industrial complex
at our expense and making billionaires of them all!

I am totally disgusted with how our National and Foreign Policy is planned in America then and today.

One day one of the Black Beret teams needed a buck sergeant,
so I decided to volunteer and find out the "truth" the hard way.
I may be the only personnel specialist ever to be a Beret.
I trained on the job, learning all positions until I became a team leader and assistant squad leader of the 4th squad.
This was suicide because as an intelligence specialist I was in a fairly safe underground bunker complex of Headquarters 11th ACR.

Well, let me tell you that what we all have seen in the movie theaters is nothing compared to living hell.

is like a dishwasher compared to the real Berets.

Bill Clinton and George Bush,
do you want to join me as a leader?
Will you walk point-man, as I have?
Do you know what it means to ask a fellow soldier to walk point today
No, you do not.
Please sit down and shut up ,
you may learn something.
I know your answer.
I am no fool.
I am too important to go into battle
and prove I am not a leader.
I have a college degree.
Why do you think I am a coward
when others can die for me and my friends?
We're too busy having fun at your expense, sucker!

I was wounded with 15 days left to serve in Viet Nam.

I spent six months in the hospital.
The Army tried to cut off my left arm against my will.
They claimed that it was cheaper medically and that I would be on morphine my whole life.
I told them that I would smoke marijuana instead.
They told me it's against the law to smoke pot.
I retorted "wasn't the war against the law and isn't killing against the law?"

What idiots!
It is all legal if they can use you
make billions
then throw you away to the dogs
as our policy has been to this day!

I had to call the Senator Vance Hartke from Indiana for help.

This was war # 2

I was discharged with $150 a month disability and the Army ruined my records on purpose because I fought to keep my arm in place.
What an Evil Nation,
this is how we treat our heroes and our most noble of citizens

Ask the veterans of Desert Storm who are suffering daily while George Sr. and the Pentagon claim they don't know why?
Who financed, supplied and built up Saddam in the first place?

Check it out!
How much did they profit from the Arab oil companies?
Will their commander-in- chief share his oil profits with his troops, OOP's?

I guess the devil is right
It's better to be a corrupt rich devil
and profit from your son's blood
like a vampire, than to serve God and Country,
when nobody cares anyway!

You make more money and have more fun rock n' rolling!

Is there really a conspiracy
of bad foreign policy programs to ids-mantel America or are they idiots?
Yes, it is true!
Eventually I had my own doctors operate on my arm.
Thank you, Uncle Sam.
I returned to Art as a healing therapy spiritually, mentally and physically.

I also experienced what most people call a near death experience in Viet Nam when I was wounded.

At the moment of impact from the bullet, I felt nothing. All of a sudden I was lifted by two angels up into the light and through the light into Heaven where I met Jesus, my father and God.
It was a very wonderful and powerful experience for me.

One can never prove physically if it was real or not.

After getting out of the Army, a few friends and I started a business called Sandhog.
It was a leather-clothing hip store of the 70's in Broadripple, Indiana.
After 2 years, I sold my interest and traveled to Europe.
I wanted to understand God and where we come from and the meaning of life, especially after Viet Nam.
I traveled through Europe and Asia and walked the path of our ancestors to the best of my abilities.
I went to England, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Kuwait, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Japan, Taiwan, India and Nepal.

In the early 70's I met Robert NcNamera in Jomsom, Nepal while I was walking to Tibet.

I actually chewed him out and he got upset with me.
Ask him,
He might remember.
Later that day he flew out with a Harvard professor on a small private plane.
A Tibetan man had broken his leg and needed to go to a Katmandu hospital. Robert and his friend refused to allow him on the plane.
You know, all that government equipment loaded with you know what from gangia land.

How dare I question his Authority and integrity about the Viet Nam war and his actions and that of my superiors and what about Afghanistan and the Russians?.

I traveled to Greece for healing and to understand why my father and mother immigrated to the USA.
It was a very spiritual experience.
Our ancestors all left our mother land in hope of freedom and a better life.
I kissed the ground when I landed back in America!
I also thanked my father and mother for all the pain and suffering they went through for our family.
I later traveled to Hawaii to study Hawaiian Healing with Auntie Margaret and Dan Machado of Kona and Lanakila Brant.
I was so screwed up from Viet Nam, Agent Orange and my AK-47 wound, malaria, hepatitis, and pseudemonas that I needed to heal myself and Hawaii is good for that.

In Hawaii, I met my ex-wife of twenty years.
We started the Aloha Foundation helping people heal themselves.
We helped produce a TV pilot to replace Magnum P.I.
We started a food business called Hawaiian Snac Pac.
We sold Art work and basically lived a simple life.

I have traveled through many of our states and have met many of our citizens.
I have also met with Joseph Eagle Elk of the Lakota Nation and I have met with Don Jose Matsuwa and the Huichol Nation.
I have gone through sacred Indian rituals and understand.
I have fasted and purified and I have polluted myself also. I understand.
I have been poor and I have done OK.
I have been loved and I have been hunted,
I understand.

In 1989, we purchased a home at Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii only to find myself attacked, my wife's and
daughter's lives threatened by the Hawaiian Big Island Mafia with connections to the Hawaiian courts, police, the DEA, and the White House in Washington, DC.

We decided to move back to Marin County, Ca and rent out the house to a wonderful couple from Arizona.

In 1990,
I decided to run for the Presidency when Mr. Bush's friends had me arrested and had my home seized and sold to the lowest bidder instead of their own home's, bank's and Air Force One.
Once again my life, wife's and daughter's lives were threatened with death if I ever mentioned the President again.
My ex-wife couldn't take it anymore, so she filed for divorce in 1995.

I wonder what everyone is afraid of, like don't

"let the cat out of the bag!"

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

Just $5 from everyone reading this would do it.