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Berkley Urges Bush Not to Oppose National Renewable Energy Standards

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


Clean Power Provision Modeled After Current Nevada Law

According to published news reports today, President Bush is opposing efforts by Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV) and Congressional Democrats to create a mandatory renewable portfolio standard (RPS) requiring that a percentage of all U.S. energy be generated by clean, renewable energy.

"The Bush administration sent a letter Monday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., opposing a slate of provisions that could end up in a final energy bill. The House and Senate this week began informal talks to resolve differences between the measures passed in the two chambers…

…The White House urged that the final bill not include a mandatory renewable portfolio standard, which is part of the House-passed bill (HR 3221)." (CQ, October 16, 2007)

Under Rep. Berkley's own comprehensive energy package, The FREE Act, the U.S. would require generators to produce 20% of their output by 2020 through the use of renewable energy. The provision is modeled on the State of Nevada's own RPS, which was put in place in 2001. (For more on The FREE Act see:

Berkley pushed for inclusion of a nationwide RPS as part of a comprehensive energy bill authored and passed by House Democrats earlier this year. President Bush is now threatening to veto any energy package that contains a mandatory RPS. Democrats are preparing to stand their ground and to challenge the President on the issue.

"One of the best ways to create a nationwide renewable energy marketplace is through an RPS that will encourage the production of more solar, wind and geothermal power. The White House is wrong to oppose the mandatory use of clean energy sources at a time when we need to be finding new ways to meet the power needs of America's families while also protecting the environment and addressing climate change. The State of Nevada passed it own RPS years ago and we should look to the Silver State as a model of what can and should be done on a nationwide scale. The sun and wind are not owned by the Saudis or other nations hostile to the U.S. and renewable energy does not create toxic radioactive waste or pressure for this nuclear garbage to be dumped in Nevada. Clean energy is not a partisan issue, but in order to overcome the White House, we will need bipartisan support in Congress," said Berkley.


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