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Statement by Senator Mark Pryor On Gun Liability and Protecting our Second Amendment Rights

Location: Unknown

I believe gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers should not be held liable for damages resulting from the misuse of their products by their customers and today I voted to move forward with legislation that would prevent manufacturers from being unfairly punished for following the law.

The right to bear arms, granted to us under the Second Amendment, is vital to our existence as a nation and the commerce of arms in this country affects a significant population of Arkansans.

There are several gun manufacturing firms in Arkansas, not to mention sporting good stores, Wal-Mart's and other small weapons dealers who legally sell firearms. The people that work at and own these establishments are law abiding citizens, and it would be wrong to sanction them for the criminal misuse of a weapon by one of their customers. It is my hope we will finish work on this bill by week's end and that the President will sign this legislation into law in the near future.

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