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Rep. Wilson Statement on State Children's Health Insurance


Location: Washington, DC

Below is a statement from Rep. Wilson after the President vetoed the State Children's Health Insurance Bill:

"The children's health insurance program was put in place ten years ago with broad bi-partisan support when there was a Republican controlled Congress and a Democratic President. At the time, I was a Cabinet Secretary in New Mexico for child welfare, so I helped implement the new program in New Mexico. Since I've been in Congress, I've worked to give New Mexico more flexibility in how we use SCHIP dollars in our state to cover the most kids possible.

"S-CHIP is a program that works. Since it was created ten years ago, SCHIP has decreased the number of uninsured children by nearly 25%. It covers six million kids whose parents work but cannot afford insurance on their own. SCHIP provides coverage through private health insurance plans so that children can see doctors when they are sick, get checkups, prescription medicines and hospitalizations.

"Now, the program has expired and is running on life support through a continuing resolution. The SCHIP bill we passed in the House last week will allow us to continue to cover kids currently enrolled and another four million who are uninsured now.

"I disagree with President Bush's veto of this legislation.

"Last week I encouraged my colleagues in the House to vote in favor of the bill. And we were successful. Forty-five Republicans joined me in voting for this bill. Today, I encourage my colleagues to overturn the President's veto."

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