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With Two Votes, Dems Stake Out Position on Trade

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


WASHINGTON -- Today, the House of Representatives voted to provide relief to workers across the country whose jobs have been lost or impacted due to trade with the passage of the Trade and Globalization Assistance Act. President Bush has threatened to veto that legislation. At the same time, he is pushing the Congress to approve free trade agreements, like the one he's negotiated for Colombia, that help his friends in the business community but could mean jobs lost at home.

Congressman John B. Larson CT-01, Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus said:

"Trade is an important part of our growing economy. But while we expand opportunities for international business, we also have to protect workers in this country. I've seen too many factories close and too many people in my district lose their jobs to companies overseas, to believe that trade and globalization aren't hurting working class people in this country. But, Mr. Bush obviously doesn't understand that. By vetoing this legislation, he is proving that he is out of touch with the needs of average Americans.

The Ways and Means Committee also voted today to send the Peru Free Trade Act to the floor. Democrats in the House of Representatives are sending a clear message that we support trade but need to proceed with some safeguards in place both for our workers in America and for laborers around the world. Today's Peru Trade agreement sets out landmark environmental and labor standards. It is a revolution in trade agreements and represents the direction in which Democrats want to take this country's economy. We are for responsible trade."

For more information on either the Trade and Globalization Assistance Act or the Peru Free Trade Agreement, see the attached fact sheets.

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