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Kerry Says Bush Credibility Gap Widens On Jobs

Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Says Bush Credibility Gap Widens On Jobs
George Bush is Finally Creating Manufacturing Jobs, Too Bad They're at McDonalds

February 20, 2004

For Immediate Release
Washington, D.C. -

"The Bush White House is even more painfully out of touch with the struggles of America's workers than anyone ever imagined. This President has ripped the heart out of the heartland losing 2.6 million manufacturing jobs on George Bush's watch. Now the White House's answer is to consider calling fast food jobs flipping burgers "manufacturing jobs." If this President is going to tell middle class factory workers that even though their job has disappeared, they can still have a good manufacturing job at $5.15 an hour at McDonalds, let him come to Ohio. He ought to look workers in the eye and tell them that's the jobs plan of his Administration.

Every day this Administration's credibility gap grows wider. They didn't tell Americans the truth about Iraq. They didn't tell Americans the truth about the economy. And now they're trying to manufacture the 2.6 million manufacturing jobs they've destroyed. Americans need good jobs, not word games from the Bush Administration. This President's credibility is running out - America's workers can't afford another four years of his Administration, it's time for change in America."

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