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Governor Huntsman Commends Law Enforcement Network


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Governor Huntsman Commends Law Enforcement Network

Governor Jon Huntsman issued the following statement Sunday:

"The quick-acting network of law enforcement and correctional officers was critical to the swift capture of the escaped inmate today. On behalf of all Utahns, I express my gratitude to all those involved."

"The systemic reform within the Department of Corrections and county correctional facilities is ongoing. The Department has completed a review of all county facilities and is now beginning to implement the findings and recommendations. As part of that process, the more violent offenders are being brought back into State facilities. The transition of those 100 inmates will be complete next week."

"The State's commitment to public safety is of highest priority. We expect all those with whom we work and contract with to maintain a zero defect policy. There is much progress that has been made and yet more to be achieved. I extend my sincere appreciation to those in the Department of Corrections and ask for continued diligence in all that they are doing to keep Utahns safe."

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