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Biden Commemorates United Nations Day


Location: Washington, DC

Biden Commemorates United Nations Day

On October 24th, United Nations Day, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D-DE) applauded the UN for its invaluable role in promoting global security and stability, and he emphasized the continuing importance of the relationship between the United States and United Nations. Since the ratification of the United Nations Charter on October 24, 1945, member states have celebrated the anniversary of the U.N.'s commitment to international cooperation and the search for peace and security.

"As we face war and conflicts worldwide, natural disasters, infectious diseases and chronic poverty, the United Nations' mission is more important now than ever," said Sen. Biden. "By harnessing the resources and collective expertise of its 191 member states, the United Nations can address global challenges in ways that no single nation can on its own."

"Through UNAIDS, the United Nations coordinates a comprehensive global response to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Through the UN women's fund, UNIFEM, the UN supports women's empowerment, gender equality and bringing an end to violence against women everywhere. And the UN's refugee arm, UNHCR, provided food, shelter and other vital services to 32 million refugees in the last year alone. The list goes on and on," Sen. Biden added.

Since 1945, the United Nations and its many organizations, funds and programs, have worked tirelessly to lift the standard of living around the world and promote peace through food programs, health initiatives and peacekeeping missions.

In June, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed Sen. Biden's legislation that would allow the United States to fully pay its dues to UN Peacekeeping missions and ensure that we do not accrue additional debt through 2008.

"Among its many contributions to global security, UN Peacekeeping missions in countries such as Sudan, Haiti, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kosovo advance our national interests while sharing the human, political and financial costs with other nations," said Sen. Biden. "The United States needs to commit to paying our peacekeeping arrears to the United Nations."

In commemoration of United Nations Day, Sen. Biden urged Americans to reflect on the many invaluable contributions of the UN in combating radical fundamentalism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, the spread of infectious disease and other problems that challenge humanity.

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