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Why I Am running for President

Location: Unknown

I am running for President of the United States because I want to:
- Enact stronger 'hate crime' laws and to apply national terrorists status to those who commit such crimes.
- Eliminate racial discrimination in housing, employment, education and in the judicial/criminal systems in America for all.
- Establish the enactment of civil rights for ALL people regardless of any born or involuntarily disability.
- Retard the emasculation of men in regards to Men's Rights, i.e., reforming alimony/spouse and child support laws.
- Reform the drug laws.
- Reform all 3-strikes laws as we know them.
- End welfare to all; with the exception of the impoverished elderly, the mentally and physically handicapped.
- Release from prison, mothers who've committed non-violent crimes to treatment and/or educational or adult/rehabilitation facilities, as needed.
- Establish national centers (in high schools, churches, synagogues) to teach proper child-rearing on a mandatory basis for any parent who needs it. via the court, social services or on a voluntary basis.
- Establish national truancy and curfews laws for minors who've been convicted in any criminal matters.
- Provide better tax incentives for employers hiring those graduation from social reform services, i.e., treatment centers, educational, vocational or rehabilitation facilities.
- Bring a major, industrial, production plant to the most poorest communities in Appalachia; and in the top 10 most impoverished urban areas of the country.
- Institute a mandatory life sentence for those who rape any child under the age of 12, and death for those who commit a subsequent murder in connection with such a child.
- Bring about stronger animal rights and penalties for convicted abusers.

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