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- To end domestic terrorism in America as we know it. This, to be done through limited forms of gun control; and strong and swift justice for any faction considered a terrorists (those who bomb and/or kill law-abiding, American citizens, medical and/or religious facilities, based on ideological and/or racial differences) group under newly proposed, terrorist, legislation.

- To eliminate racial indifference through equal education and equal opportunity for all.
- To establish the enactment of civil rights for ALL people, regardless of any born or involuntarily disability (disability referring to any blatant mental or physical hindrance).
- Mandatory diversity classes for any person convicted of committing or participating in a hate crime; as well as for witnesses/onlookers who do not, at least call authorities.

- Under new legislation, a "pay-per-experience and education scale" law will be devised, and will be the law of the land.

- Current laws to remain in place for all adult women.
- Females between the ages of 16 and 21 years old shall be entitled to abortion-on-demand, with a limit of 2 within a 3-year period, under current state Medicaid / Medicaid financial guidelines. Parental notification is unnecessary, but these guidelines apply not to females under age 16yrs.

- State sponsored Citizens Groups to be set up to receive/review serious HMO patient's rights issues, problems, concerns/abuses - - This mediation to be binding for patient and HMO group.

- Ending the emasculation of men in regards to Men's Rights, i.e., reforming alimony/spouse and child support laws.
- Reforming drug laws towards a more decriminalizing system of justice.
- Reforming 3-strikes laws as we know them.
- Releasing mothers who've committed non-violent crimes from jail/prison to treatment and/or educational or adult facilities.

- Health ID cards for all children under the age 18 years old in each state, regardless of legal status.
- All states to provide free or low cost medical care to those who qualify, regardless of legal status.

- Ending welfare payments of cash to all; with the exception of the elderly, and the mentally and physically handicapped.
- American high schools to be set up as food and clothing disbursement centers for all who are on current welfare rolls, and for the future impoverished, based upon qualifications.

- Increasing pay for public school teachers as a whole on a national level.
- Establishing national centers (in high schools, churches, synagogues) to teach proper child rearing on a mandatory basis for any parent who needs it or for those via referral.
- Establishing national truancy and curfews for minors, or for those under age 25 years of age currently on probation.

- Requiring all school districts to provide adult advanced information technology learning on all levels at an extremely modest cost - $20 per class. College students who teach such courses for at least one year will receive interest free loans. Those not in need financially will have one-half (.50) points added per year of service to their total GPA (grade point average).
- Providing better tax incentives for employers hiring those graduating from social/reform services programs, i.e., treatment centers, educational, vocational or rehabilitation facilities.
- Providing $500 reward scholarships to young men and women who do not become teen parents who remain in school and simulataneously, are "at-risk" youth.

- Providing national diversity testing/profiling to all wish to become police officers
- Mandatory testing to any officer with over 3 valid anti-diversity (racism/brutality) demerits/actions brought against him.

- Spending will increase 3-fold on the defense/military budget.
- Spending will be substantially increased in our space/NASA endeavors.

- Tax cuts will not be rolled back to the most wealthy individuals in the society.
- Capital gains taxes will be reduced, based on applied tables.
- Taxes will or will not be raised, as warranted.
- Tax breaks and cuts will only be given to companies/corporations who are good, civic-minded corpoarations who work to recruit, hire, and train those off the welfare roles. (This, not at the expense of other traditional applicants.) Those who pay particular attention to urban and Appalachia areas will be considered most favorably.

- Will appoint a non-partisan task force to obtain true and correct information on the status of the Social Security budget, and how it will affect the country for each generation of retirees.

- Will devise an 11 man panel of the highest ranking military experts, headed by Senator Joseph Biden. Will abide by final expert vote.
- This system will apply to any and all matters foreign.

- American veterans benefits will be upscaled/upgraded exponentially

- The homeless problem in America as we know it will end, as those who are mentally ill (via legislation) will be evaluated and appropriately housed.
- National vagrancy/tresspassing legislation will be enacted and enforced.

- Current laws will remain as is, however, those convicted will receive extensive rehabilitation treatment at strictly approved/accredited government facilities, in lieu of imprisonment.
- Dealers, and those convicted above that level will abide by current laws.

- To remain the same for all who are unmarried and under the age of 21.
- For those who are married and between the ages of 18 and 21 years of age (inclusively), to be raised to $7.50
- To be raised to $7.50 for all others over age 21.

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