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Dr. Coburn Commends Senate's Rejection of DREAM Act

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Dr. Coburn Commends Senate's Rejection of DREAM Act

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, M.D. (R-OK) released the following statement today concerning the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act. The Senate voted 52-44 to reject the DREAM Act, which needed 60 votes to proceed for consideration. Dr. Coburn voted against the DREAM Act.

"Granting amnesty and creating financial incentives - which the DREAM Act proposed doing - is not the right fix for America's immigration problems," Dr. Coburn said. "Our country certainly thrives from legal immigration and we should welcome with open arms those who come to this country legally. I sympathize with the children who were brought to the United States illegally through no fault of their own and I believe we should help these individuals realize their dreams of higher education. However, the DREAM Act is not the right answer to solve this problem. Furthermore, this bill would have been extremely costly. At a time when our national debt stands at more than $9 trillion, it would be fiscally irresponsible to pass this legislation."

In addition to immediately putting more than 1 million illegal aliens on a path to citizenship, the DREAM Act allows illegal immigrants to qualify for federal student loans and in-state tuition rates at public universities, even when these benefit are not currently offered to all citizens and permanent resident students in the United States. The bill also allows those individuals granted amnesty to immigrate their family members, including adult siblings and the parents who illegally brought or sent them to the United States. Furthermore, the act does not contain an initial application filing deadline, allowing DREAM Act amnesty applications to be filed with the Department of Homeland Security for decades to come.

"The American people have lost faith in Congress because of the federal government's inability to reform our immigration system. We cannot have a government that guarantees freedom, without a government that guarantees the rule of law. Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, without properly securing our borders and enforcing existing law, is a clear violation of our rule of law. It is important when considering immigration reform we first work to secure our borders and enforce existing immigration laws. Then, and only then, can we move forward with a compassionate solution as a unified and secure nation," Dr. Coburn said.

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