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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

TAX COLLECTION RESPONSIBILITY ACT OF 2007 -- (House of Representatives - October 10, 2007)


Mr. ROTHMAN. I thank the gentleman from North Dakota for all his wonderful work on this. I want to thank Mr. Van Hollen. I want to thank my chairman on the appropriations subcommittee, Mr. Serrano, and so many people who were so outraged at this private collection of taxpayer money that is owed to the IRS.

Mr. Speaker, here's the problem. About $300 billion is owed to the American taxpayers by those income earners who refuse to pay their taxes. They admit they owe the money, but they refuse to pay. That is about $300 billion. That is the problem.

Now, what is the solution to the problem? Well, the Republicans here say, let's privatize this, give it to private people, private companies who will make a profit on collecting these tax moneys, and they will collect about $4 for every $1 we spend on them. They will collect $4. The other solution is to hire more IRS agents, and for every $1 we invest in them, we will get $20. Not the $4 that goes to the private debt collectors that they produce, but $20. We will collect five times more.

So why would we give away the taxpayers' money by letting private debt collectors collect our debts, just so we can collect five times less? They say, ``Well, we don't want to support big government.'' Well, do they want to waste all those tens or hundreds of billions of dollars by giving it to private debt collectors to collect at five times less effectiveness? It makes no sense. But this is nothing new.

Mr. Speaker, they wanted to privatize Social Security. They privatized the prescription drug program for seniors. They wanted to privatize the collection of our mail. They wanted to privatize, and they did, security contracting in Iraq, There is Halliburton, Blackwater. And they did so at Walter Reed Army Hospital.

So this ideology of the Republican Party and this President that we need to privatize everything doesn't make sense, it wastes taxpayer dollars, and in fact is an opportunity for a very select few in our society to profit at the expense of everybody else. Not only is it un-American, it is wasteful, it is wrong.

Mr. Speaker, we can do better with this solution. That is why I have been fighting for this for years, and I am so proud to support H.R. 3056. If they say the choice is do nothing or something, do it the right way and pass H.R. 3056.


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