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Kerry Congratulates Gore, IPCC on Nobel Peace Prize Win


Location: Washington, DC

Kerry Congratulates Gore, IPCC on Nobel Peace Prize Win

Sen. John Kerry congratulated Vice President Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for winning the Nobel Peace Prize today.

"This is not only an incredibly well deserved honor for Vice President Gore, it reflects a global awakening to the urgency of taking action on global climate change. Way back when it wasn't easy, Al Gore began criss-crossing the country and the planet to help bring the science of climate change to people everywhere in a compelling way. He's been dogged and tenacious, and with the IPCC he's stood up for the truth against the deniers and the dividers who want to delay action and risk global catastrophe. Their efforts have rightfully been recognized with the highest honor the world community can bestow on those who help define and meet the great challenges of our time."

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