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CBS The Early Show Transcript

Location: Unknown

January 28, 2004 Wednesday

HEADLINE: John Kerry discusses his win in New Hampshire


HARRY SMITH, co-host:

With his second straight win, John Kerry picked up considerable momentum in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Kerry spoke with CBS news anchorman Dan Rather shortly after his victory last night.

DAN RATHER (Anchor, "CBS Evening News"): Senator, congratulations on-by any estimate-a big win. But you said the other night that a Democrat can win the White House in 2004 without carrying the South. Do you believe that? If so, how could that be done?

Senator JOHN KERRY (Democratic Presidential Candidate): Well, I don't intend to do that. I intend to campaign in the South. Fritz Hollings, the senator from South Carolina, came up here, campaigned with me, and has endorsed me, and I'm heading to South Carolina tomorrow night. I fully intend to campaign all across the South. I intend to compete everywhere. I think there's a new coalition to be built in our country, because I think this president has ignored a whole bunch of issues that matter to people in the South.

RATHER: Senator, you know what they say about you at the White House. They say, 'Listen, he's just a-he's just a tall Dukakis. He's just another Northeastern liberal,' and they intend to run against you that way. Do you think you can win, and if so, how, against that kind of characterization?

Sen. KERRY: You bet I can win. And the reason the White House is already attacking me so clearly and so directly is because they know I can win. I'm the one candidate that they fear the most. And the reason is that I'm not going to take any of their games with slogans and labels. They know that's just a diversion from the real issues that face our country. You know, they're not real conservatives. We did a better job as Democrats in reducing the deficit of our country. They're running the deficit up. They're trampling on the line of division between church and state in America. They're, in my judgment, allowing the attorney general to disrespect the Constitution and trample on civil rights, twice now cited by the inspector general of his own department. Those are the things they don't want to talk about.

RATHER: Senator, is it your judgment or not that you've now docked-knocked Governor Howard Dean off the rails and that you can close the deal with the Democratic nomination well before California and New York have their primaries?

Sen. KERRY: Well, that's not a judgment for me to make at all, Dan. That's for voters to make. I have too much respect for the process, for him and for the other candidates. I'm just going to go out and keep doing what I'm doing. I'm going to talk to Americans about the things that really matter to them. The families that I'm meeting need jobs, they need health care, they want their kids to go to a better school. They're tired of living next to toxic waste sites.

RATHER: Among those things you've mentioned, Senator, how are you going to pay for all of that?

Sen. KERRY: I will roll back George Bush's tax cut for people earning more than $200,000 a year and I will invest it in education and health care for all Americans.

RATHER: Senator Kerry, congratulations in going two for two. We'll see you along the trail.

Sen. KERRY: Glad to be with you.

SMITH: And in our next half-hour, we're going to talk to the man who finished second in New Hampshire, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean.

Now let's go back to Rene and Hannah in New York.

RENE SYLER (Co-host): All right, Harry, thanks.

Hannah, an incredible story out of Arizona, this three-year-old girl who survived a car accident that killed her mother.

HANNAH STORM (Co-host): Ohhh.

SYLER: Five days she was by herself. We're going to talk about that coming up.

STORM: Wow. And in our next half-hour, the continuing controversy over Mel Gibson's upcoming movie, "The Passion of the Christ." This is THE EARLY SHOW on CBS.


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