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Whitfield's Congressional Survey Results Released

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Whitfield's Congressional Survey Results Released

U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield released the results of his Congressional Survey, which was distributed throughout the First Congressional District, via newspapers, during the second week of June. The survey asked constituents an array of questions dealing with the obstacles America faces at home and abroad.

"I believe effective government can only be achieved with an open and constructive dialogue," said Whitfield. "Reading the results of the surveys, as well as the hundreds of emails, faxes and letters my office receives on a weekly basis, is very important in helping me to represent the viewpoints of the people in the First Congressional District."

Survey Results:

1. What is the most important issue facing your family?
War on Terror - 25%
Healthcare - 23%
Gasoline Prices - 21%*
Social Security - 12%
Other - 11%
Economy - 8%

2. Do you support the immediate pullout of troops from Iraq?
No - 50%
Yes - 39%
Unsure - 11%

3. How important is it to stop illegal immigrants from coming into our nation?
Of the highest importance - 77%
Important - 11%
Somewhat important - 9%
No reform is necessary - 1%
Unsure - 1%

4. Do you feel the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan provides seniors with affordable medications?
No - 40%
Yes - 25%
Unsure - 35%

5. What should be our highest priority to improve our nation's education?
Make college more affordable - 39%
Other - 24%
Reform No Child Left Behind - 18%
Federal support for math and science - 11%
Increase support for student loans - 7%

"Over the next few months, Congress will be working to resolve many of the problems Kentuckians are concerned with: rising gasoline prices, securing our borders, improving education, providing safety and security against the threat of global terrorism and ensuring seniors have the benefits necessary to provide for their needs," said Whitfield. "As a Representative to Congress, it is important for me to understand my constituents' views on these critical issues, as well as any other issues that come to surface throughout the year."

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