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Newton Daily News - Sister Subs for Biden at Newton Stop

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Newton Daily News - Sister Subs for Biden at Newton Stop


When presidential hopeful and Delaware Sen. Joe Biden was called back to Washington D.C. to take part in a vote today, his younger sister and campaign manager Valerie Biden Owens stepped in to talk about her brother and how he is fit for the White House.

"He's running for two reasons. First, he wants to end a war and second, he wants to guarantee civil liberties which this Bush administration has been chipping away at for the past seven years," Biden Owens said in her opening statements to a crowd of about 75 who gathered at Uncle Nancy's Coffeeshop and Eatery this morning.

Biden Owens said she was not going to talk about specific policies Biden's campaign was based on, instead she said she'd speak on a topic she knows a lot about — her brother.

"I'll speak on the extent of which I am an expert and that is my brother as a person," she said. "I want to tell you about Joe."

During her 35 minute talk, Biden Owens shared stories of her childhood and Biden's election to the Senate in 1972 at the age of 29.

"He was the first senator my brother or I had ever met," she said.
She also talked about the trials and triumphs her brother has experienced, including a traffic accident that claimed the lives of his first wife and his infant daughter and seriously injured his two sons Beau and Hunter in the 1970s and a cranial aneurysm that put him in the hospital for seven months in 1988.

"My brother's concerns about health care is personal as well as political," she said. "Had he not had it with Beau and Hunter in the hospital or for himself, he could be dead or ruined financially," she said.

Biden Owens said she knows she talks her brother up but she said it's more important for voters to look at the entire life of the candidate when choosing the next president.
"When I talk about my brother, I don't think he walks on water and I don't mean to make him out bigger than life but I'm trying to say he's lived life," she said. "My brother has the heart of a champion."

The Senator's sister said she was out campaigning for Biden not just because of their sibling ties but because she believes he can do the job and lead the country into a new direction.

"He makes me believe he can fix it and that things will be better," she said. "He makes my heart beat and my head think that my kids are going to be all right."

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