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Issue Position: Affordable Health Care for All Americans

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Affordable Health Care for All Americans

There is no more important issue this election than getting health care right. Skyrocketing health care premiums have made health insurance unaffordable for too many families and American businesses. America deserves a health care system that provides universal, affordable coverage through responsibility shared by employers, individuals, insurance companies and the government.

Chris Dodd's Plan

* Ensures all Americans will have quality, affordable health coverage during Chris Dodd's first term.

* The Dodd plan will create a health insurance marketplace called Universal HealthMart that is based on, and parallel to, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP).

* Individuals and businesses will contribute to Universal HealthMart based on their ability to pay.

* Premiums will be affordable based on leveraged negotiating power, spreading risk, reduced administrative costs, and incentives for technology and preventive care.

* Coverage will be portable -- insurance purchased in Universal HealthMart will follow individuals.

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