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Issue Position: Ending the Iraq War Responsibly and Safely

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Ending the Iraq War Responsibly and Safely

Chris Dodd understands that making America more secure starts with ending the Iraq war responsibly. It's made us less secure, more vulnerable and more isolated. Our country's men and women in uniform have performed heroically - but George Bush's policy has failed.

But to end the war, we need clear, bold actions, and leadership that has the experience and judgment to recognize there's only one way to responsibly end this war:

To set a firm deadline tied to funding.

It may not be an easy thing to say - but it's the right thing to do. For our troops. For our security and standing in the world.
The Dodd Plan to End the War

Chris Dodd believes the time for giving President Bush blank checks is over and that we should begin safely redeploying U.S. combat troops out of Iraq, beginning immediately and completed within one year. Iraq must assume the responsibility of policing and governing itself. There isn't an Army big enough or Treasury deep enough if Iraqis aren't willing to fight for that for themselves.

Based on the amendment he offered in the Senate with Senators Reid and Feingold, Chris Dodd's plan would:

1. Begin safely redeploying U.S. combat troops out of Iraq within 120 days,
2. Provide every penny necessary for a safe redeployment of our troops
3. Complete redeployment by April 30, 2008

In addition, Chris Dodd would insist on three narrowly targeted exceptions - the protection of U.S. personnel and infrastructure, specific counterterrorism operations, and assistance with the training and equipping of Iraqi forces.

Chris Dodd understands prolonging this war will not make us more secure - ending it will.

Beyond Iraq and Into an Era of Bold Engagement

Chris Dodd believes we don't need a surge in troops in Iraq and the Middle East- we need a surge of diplomacy.

That's why as president, Chris Dodd would:

1. Engage in direct negotiation with all the nations in the Middle East
2. Convene a regional summit

By ending our military's participation in Iraq's civil war, we can begin focusing our attention on fighting al Qaeda in Afghanistan and elsewhere - boldly engaging friends and foes alike in a robust diplomacy, dedicating more resources and manpower to homeland security and leading the world on energy independence.

Hope alone will not wipe away the damage to America's moral authority these last 6 years. Hope alone will not bring our allies back to our side. And hope alone will not restore America's leadership.

But with conviction and clarity, Chris Dodd believes we can bring an end to the war in Iraq and make America more secure. With the right leadership, America can lead again.

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