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A very great man and President once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". This is as profound a statement as I have ever heard. Most of you must have agreed, for you began to give. You gave, and you gave and you gave, of your time, your dollars, your liberties, your effort and in many cases, the lives of your friends and family members. You continue to give, often in ways of which you are not even aware. You gave in good conscience, and initially, there was a return in terms of pride, satisfaction, goods, services and benefits. As time went by, you continued to give, but it was never enough. Your return steadily diminished over time. Today, you give more than ever before and receive less than ever before.

It is time, in my opinion, to declare, "Ask not what you can continue to do for your country, ask what the country can finally do for you". When I say, "Country", I am speaking of "the government portion", which represents the country. Our government has taken more and more from you during every year that has passed. I do not feel that our government has been fair and honest with your investment dollars for at least four decades, since the Great Man's quote. Please examine the following cases. Be honest with yourself in your evaluations.

Has the money invested in the Federal Emergency Management Agency generated a nice return? Did New Orleans need to go down the shoot? Where did all of the funds go, which were meant to maintain the levies and the big pumps? Why was the response time to this Katrina disaster so poor, untimely and ineffective? Why were so many millions of dollars spent on thousands of camper and house trailers and on commercial pleasure cruise-liners, which were used little if at all? What of all of the no-bid contracts to clean up and rebuild, most of which were awarded to non-local contractors and not subject to any level of scrutiny or accountability? F.E.M.A. has pillaged the tax-payer and the unfortunate, who were to be the recipients of services. This is a classic case of dollars leaving the states and going to Washington to fund a giant, inept bureaucracy. Let the states keep their money, so that they may create their own emergency funds for disasters. What would you guess the budget of F.E.M.A. itself to be? Keep your money, folks, in your state and community. Do not continue to drizzle it to Washington. I will not tolerate this type of waste and irresponsibility!

Has the money, which you and your employers (which is also yours in essence) have contributed into Social Security, been wisely trusted, invested and dispersed? Is the problem of social security a brand new case, or has it been simmering for a long time? Is it fair to keep raising the age at which one may qualify to collect? Is it fair that the funds paid into the "Trust" are not really available to those, who paid into the fund? Is it right that the uncollected balance at the time of death goes into the deep, dark hole and not into your estate? Any contribution made by an individual for his own social security should be sacred and placed into an account, with restrictions, in his own name. This is another case, where you have given but may not receive your rightful and just due. You again have given, and given and given until you have turned green, and for that contribution you will receive less and less. This is another case of individual and local monies going down the Washington shoot. Government has grown by immense proportions, and the only reason that it has is because it has blatantly taken money, over which the control of said funds should be yours. I will change this pattern! Why should the government take a huge lump sum from you, then, charge ½ of said sum for administration, just to give the other ½ back to you or possibly to someone else? We need to keep our lump sum and employ it wisely and as we see fit. We, the people, need to determine the amount of money that we will spend and how we will spend it.

Do you feel that spending your hard-earned money with domestic companies and for domestic products is important? What if a large domestic company spends over 250 million to build a new car plant in Mexico instead of here? Do you appreciate the constant barrage of levies that you are asked to approve just to float government agencies, which cannot live within their budgets? Are you not tired of corporate welfare? Why buy a car from an American company in an effort to support the company, when said company invests its assets in the very country, which is sending its citizens (illegal aliens to our country) to the U.S.A. for "The better life"? We need government leadership, which will diligently cooperate with commerce and industry to perpetuate our domestic free enterprise system. NO ONE can tell me that we Americans cannot either make it or grow it domestically, with top quality and at a competitive price. But, we have to care, we must try and we need to have faith in ourselves. You do not deserve to have your Yankee dollars in foreign banks. When your dollars flee the U.S.A., the total cost is nearly beyond our ability to comprehend. I say that this country has inventers, researchers, educators, investors, developers and the workforce to be KING once again. The bleeding to foreign countries of our money and our jobs is nothing more than foreign aid, and it is killing us. What will you do about it? It is time for this country, the government and the leadership, to give and for ourselves to receive!

Once the money leaves the U.S.A. in any method, shape or form, it only comes back in two ways- as foreign investment and control of our infrastructure or in the form of armed aggression against us. A natural enemy may only be a temporary friend. Contemplate that foreign countries are leasing some of our highway systems, controlling the prices that we pay for petroleum and other minerals and dictating our interest rates and dollar value. The foreign countries and our politicians have somehow caused you to acquiesce and to accept that it is great to have foreign cars built in the U.S. because jobs are created. Have we not become a herd of fledglings at the behest of a weak and sorry government? We are now simply being exposed, exploited and manipulated, which is exactly what we did to other countries last century, when we were "King of the Hill". Will we ever learn?

Do you enjoy knowing that the federal government has discretionary money, billions of discretionary dollars, which came from your paychecks? The government's responsibilities are not and should not be arbitrary. The government has legal assignments, required to be performed. Its responsibilities do not include the taking of your dollars, solely in order to redistribute them frivolously, wastefully or politically, with handling charges. If you do not want to reduce government waste, size and spending and employ fair taxing, do not vote for me. I will be the "Wilkenson Sword", who will slash government costs and spending. We must stop the giveaways to other countries until such time as we right our own ship. We must stop the silly grants, which the government doles out with your money. We need to stop the building of useless bridges to nowhere. We must stop paying land-owners to NOT plant, grow and produce. We must stop funding libraries in the names of politicians. We must stop giving tax incentives and abatements to companies. We must eliminate all forms of waste to the very best of our abilities, time, effort, money and resources. Our free enterprise system enables anyone to establish a business, but do not ask me to buy your product and subsidize you at the same time. Free enterprise only guarantees your right to either succeed or to fail on your own. We do not need to go down with you. No more grants, subsidies, bail-outs and favors.

The difficulties facing our fine nation and ourselves are many, immense and complex. I maintain that there are two important and immediate but simple steps, which must be taken in order to secure a situation, whereby there is fair, simple, balanced, efficient, realistic and lawful give-and-take by the country and the citizens. Firstly, the federal government must be diminished in size, streamlined and mandated to perform only the functions and duties, for which it was conceived and designed, and it must adhere to its budget. Remember that reduced government size, waste and spending need not reduce strength, effectiveness and level of service. In fact, why should it, and how could it? Secondly, the slimmed-down government must be funded by a single tax, preferably, a consumption tax. This two-part program will have a most profound effect, the likes of which I only hope that you can imagine. The effect of implementing these two basic steps will be to begin to give back to the people, by the country (government), some of that, which the people have given over the decades. More money remaining in a given state for its own programs and all earned money retained by individuals for their own programs (via a "One Tax") will place the citizens and the nation on a certain path to strength, solidity and recapture of all that has been lost. Needs must outweigh wants.

A bank will take your savings and investment dollars and will reinvest or loan them on a prudent basis with one and only one objective in mind - profits. Anytime that you hear or see a business advertise, "We do it all for you", "We're here for you", "We're here to help you", etc, do not buy it! You are merely the instrument, which enables profits to be made with your money. This is alright though because it is the manner in which our capitalistic system functions. Parts of the profits are returned to the clients of the bank, to the shareholders and retained by the bank for capital improvements and growth. As long as a bank or other business provides a fine product or service, honors and appreciates the clients or customers, conducts business in a competitive and professional way and operates within the law, it will normally fill a need and succeed.

The government, on the other hand, is a very poor, inept and irresponsible bank or banker. It takes its money from the investors, the clients or citizens, on an unequal and unfair basis, then, wastes a large percentage of the funds, feeding itself. The balance is then distributed on a maniacal basis to many, who are not clients or shareholders, including foreign countries, illegal aliens and others, who beat the taxing system, by use of loopholes, exemptions, exceptions and a myriad of illegal practices. The government only spends, and raises the debt ceiling, when it wants to spend more. It retains nothing for improvement or growth, but it continues to grow anyway. It generates less and less to the citizens as a return on investment, and it does not yield a profit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, only your signature, a small contribution (investment) and your vote will enable me to be your Top Representative. We have an opportunity here and now to impact the very fiber of our government and our society in a specific, gainful and enlightening manner. Please join me. Let us once and for all be just plain, old-fashioned Americans, regardless of age, gender, skin-tone, religion, etc. If we want to continue to be able to say, "We are Americans", we must take a stand to this end.

How do you think and feel, when you state, "I am an American"? Concentrate on this statement for just ten minutes, then, stand up, suck in your belly, stick your chest out, hold your head up, smile and say it, "I AM AN AMERICAN".

Thank you very much.

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