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Biden Statement on Passage of Omnibus Spending Bill

Location: Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the U.S. Senate passed a $373 billion omnibus spending bill by a vote of 65-28. Senator Biden, who voted against the measure, issued the following statement:

"I voted against the Omnibus spending bill that passed the Senate today because it will do real damage to the economic security of working Americans and weakens important consumer protections.

"For example, when the President signs this bill, it will cut paychecks for millions of working class families who depend on overtime pay. This reverses 70 years of protections that ensured workers would get time and a half for their labor beyond a 40 hour week. In these difficult times, when millions of Americans are without a job or live in fear of losing their job, we should not further undermine middle class working Americans struggling to provide for their families.

"In addition, the bill will delay for two years a requirement to clearly label meat and other products imported from other countries. Consumers worried about food safety, who want to know where their food is coming from, will be denied the certainty they deserve when they shop for their families.

"Finally, I cannot vote for a measure that inadequately funds local law enforcement and makes it easier for domestic violence abusers to get guns."

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