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Response to Article in The Advocate


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Response to Article in The Advocate

Ms. Millhollon,

You interviewed me some months back, I am a candidate for Governor.
Although I do not have millions of dollars to spend I am a contender and
have an opinion.
I do believe that the budget was set up to spend every last nickel in the
state coffers. It was a not so covert attempt to make the next Governor
fail and look poor in the first fiscal session. However what is done is
done. The legislature will reap what it has sown. All the finger
pointing and bad mouthing will not change it. The next Governor has a
challenge, it's an opportunity to show some real leadership. Standing
around pointing out what others have done wrong is easy however it will
not accomplish anything. Any problem can be overcome. Even if it happens
to be billions of dollars!
While the others are standing around complaining I say, "give me the ball
let me run with it. I'll do what needs to be done".


Anthony "Tony G" Gentile

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