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Excluded from Upcoming Debates


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Excluded from Upcoming Debates

Can an average person be Governor in Louisiana? Obviously I believe so or I would not be running. However there are those that place value on the amount of money a person has assuming it has to do with their leadership ability. In the upcoming weeks there will be a series of debates. I was not invited because I did not meet their financial expectations. The cutoff was $250,000 to 300,000 depending on the sponsor. I found this to be dicriminatory and censorship in it's purest form. With that said anybody is entitled to invite anybody they so choose to a private debate. In my mind's eye setting critieria sets up a dividing line that will exclude someone. Furthurmore the LPB which is broadcasting two debates derives fifty percent of it's income from the State's of Louisiana's General Fund. That's right our tax dollars are going to aid in a debate which discriminates against Louisiana citizens based on financial capabilities.

Just know although I wont be on TV I am still in the race working everyday on mounting more support. They can keep me off of TV but they can't stop me.

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