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Public Statements - Campbell Argues to Eliminate Income Tax

News Article

Location: Bastrop, LA - Campbell Argues to Eliminate Income Tax

By Greg Hilburn

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Foster Campbell continued to press his plan to eliminate Louisiana's personal and corporate income taxes by levying a tax on all oil processed in the state during a campaign stop here Thursday.

Campbell was the first of three candidates to speak during the Bastrop-Morehouse Chamber of Commerce's August gubernatorial series at the Bastrop Municipal Center. Democrat Walter Boasso is scheduled at noon Aug. 22, while Republican Bobby Jindal is scheduled at noon Aug. 29.

"The Wall Street Journal said that the nine richest states in the country have one thing in common — no income taxes," said Campbell, who represents northern Louisiana on the Louisiana Public Service Commission. "We have a way to eliminate the income tax immediately."
It would take a constitutional amendment to change the severance tax system.

Campbell said oil companies are responsible for 50 percent of the state's coastal erosion.

"We have 20,000 miles of canals cut in our marshes, and we know who caused 50 percent of the damage," he said. "Yet not one politician will ask the oil companies to pay for this damage."

Campbell believes the tax would generate $5.5 billion annually, easily replacing the $3.2 billion the state collects on personal income tax.

"We will fix our roads, fully fund education, keep our charity hospitals open and keep money in our citizens' pockets," Campbell said. "Politicians are more concerned about special interest than the people's interests. We can do better."

Campbell said he is embarrassed that Louisiana lags behind neighbors Mississippi and Arkansas in many areas despite Louisiana's rich natural resources.

Campbell said his campaign won't have as much money to spend as other top candidates, "but this isn't an auction, it's an election," he said. "If they think they can buy it, we'll see what happens. I don't think it's for sale."

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