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Campbell Calls for Debates; Calls Out Jindal

Press Release

Location: Shreveport, LA


Gubernatorial candidate Foster Campbell today called on his opponents to engage in a series of debates throughout Louisiana before the October 20 primary.

"We owe it to voters to discuss our records and our plans to revitalize Louisiana in real debates, and not just in 30-second television advertisements," said Campbell, a Democrat and Public Service Commissioner representing North Louisiana.

In letters to Walter Boasso, John Georges and Bobby Jindal, Campbell proposed a series of five debates at Louisiana universities, beginning the week of August 20, when Louisianians have completed vacations and children are returning to school.

"We should debate once a week in the last two months before October 20," Campbell said. "Let the voters see us tackle the tough issues that affect their daily lives, and let them choose the candidate who displays the kind of leadership needed to move Louisiana forward," he said.

He proposed debates in Northwest Louisiana, Northeast Louisiana, Southeast Louisiana, Southwest Louisiana and New Orleans, moderated either by media or officials of the host universities.

"I'm particularly interested in calling out Mr. Jindal, who has avoided every public forum at which I and the other candidates have appeared during this campaign," Campbell said. "Voters need to see and hear Mr. Jindal explain whether he'll serve them first or whether he'll continue to parrot the lines from the Bush Administration and his special-interest campaign contributors."

Campbell said Louisianans are looking for a Governor who will serve average Louisiana citizens. "People I've talked to throughout this state are concerned about their jobs and economic prospects, about their children's education, about access to quality, affordable health care, about highways, coastal restoration and hurricane recovery.

"It's easy for candidates to hide behind 30-second television ads and carefully scripted appearances," he said. "That may serve candidates, but it doesn't serve the best interests of the state and its people." Campbell said.

Campbell is a farmer and small businessman from Bossier Parish. He served for 27 years in the Louisiana Senate and is currently in his fifth year as a member of the Public Service Commission. He proposes eliminating the state corporate and personal income taxes to stimulate an economic boom. He will make up the lost revenue by instituting a processing fee on oil and gas processed in Louisiana. The fee will produce more than $1.7 billion in new revenue for the state to rebuild roads, improve public schools, restore the coastline and increase hurricane protection.

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