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Obama Statement on Hispanic Heritage Month


Location: Chicago, IL

Obama Statement on Hispanic Heritage Month

U.S. Senator Barack Obama released the following statement today to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month.

"This month, I join all Americans in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to honor the achievements and sacrifices of Hispanic Americans. From a long tradition of service in the United States military to the visionary leadership of César Chávez, one of our nation's civil rights giants, Hispanic Americans have helped sew the social, economic, and cultural fabric of America.

"But despite all the progress we've made together, we know that there is more work to be done. I stood side by side with the Hispanic community when I was a community organizer in Chicago, I've stood by their side at immigration rallies, and I'll stand by their side when I'm President. We need to pass comprehensive immigration reform, reduce the Latino student drop-out rate, finally enact the DREAM Act, and provide the 15 million uninsured Latinos with affordable, high-quality health care. And let's end this war in Iraq now and turn the page on the failed policies of the last seven years that have left Latinos, and so many other Americans, behind.

"What has always distinguished the Latino community - and what distinguishes us as Americans - is our belief that with big dreams and hard work, anything is possible. And with the energy the Latino community brings to our democracy and our economy, we can be assured that America's future will be bright. So this month and every month, let's reaffirm our shared history as a nation of immigrants dedicated to prosperity and opportunity for all."

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