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CBS The Early Show Transcript

Location: Unknown

January 20, 2004 Tuesday

HEADLINE: Senator John Kerry discusses his win in the Iowa caucuses


HARRY SMITH, co-host:

Senator John Kerry is already campaigning here in New Hampshire this morning after pulling off a stunning eleventh hour victory last night in the Iowa caucus. Senator, good morning and congratulations.

Senator JOHN KERRY (Winner, Iowa Caucuses; Democratic Presidential Candidate): Good morning. Thank you very much. Glad to be with you. Glad to be here.

SMITH: Yeah, it's kind of amazing, isn't it? A couple of weeks ago, you were ruled out. You told me yesterday that you are a fighter. Can you translate this Iowa victory into victory in New Hampshire?

(Graphic on screen)


38% 32% 18% 11% JOHN JOHN HOWARD DICK Kerry Edwards Dean Gephardt

Sen. KERRY: Well, I'm going to fight for every vote in New Hampshire the same way I did in Iowa, and I think what makes a difference is that I have a proven record of fighting and taking on very powerful special interests that, at this moment, are making the workplace in America very unfair. The average worker in America is not getting ahead. But you see the drug bill where the drug companies walked away with billions of dollars or you see the energy bill where the oil and gas industry walked away with billions of dollars. The average worker is angry about it. It-you know, you see jobs going overseas. We're not creating jobs fast enough in America. I have a plan to put people back to work. I also have the experience to make America safer and stronger in the world during a very dangerous time, and I think people want a steady tested hand at the helm of state. I can provide that.

SMITH: Let's-let's talk about workers and labor for a second. S...

Sen. KERRY: Yeah.

SMITH: ...Dick Gephardt is clearly out of the running now. He had the support of old labor. Will you seek his endorsement?

Sen. KERRY: I'd love to have his support. I have nothing but f-admiration and respect for Dick Gephardt, and that's real. We've worked together for 20 years. I've sat at the-the table with him in-in many fights in Congress. He's a-he's an ex-he's just a very, very decent man who has principle and commitment and-and he'll be missed on the scene because he spoke from conviction. I talked to him last night. He'll make his own decision about what he decides to do. But there isn't one of us in this race who could kid you and say we wouldn't like his support.

SMITH: Right. Howard Dean still leads here in New Hampshire. Can he be beaten?

Sen. KERRY: Well, obviously, we proved that in Iowa, and I intend to continue to fight for every vote here. I mean, people forget that only a few months ago and weeks ago, people were saying that we didn't have a chance.

(Graphic on screen)


1st 2nd 3rd JOHN JOHN HOWARD Kerry Edwards Dean

Sen. KERRY: I always said we did, and I felt we did, because number one, I know that I'm a fighter, and number two, I could feel people listening. I could feel people responding to the agenda that I am setting about taking on powerful interests, ending the lobbyists' reign in Washington by preventing people from going from government into lobbying for five years, making meetings between lobbyists and public officials, matters of public record that are subject to the accountability of the American people. I have a health-care plan that will, in fact, lower the cost of health care for all Americans. Nobody else has a plan that really talks to the people who are struggling...

SMITH: Right.

Sen. KERRY: ...with higher premiums today. So I think that as I get out to New Hampshire in the next week, that agenda and the fact that I come with...


Sen. KERRY: ...deep experience in foreign policy and national security and military affairs gives me the ability to assure Americans...

SMITH: All right.

Sen. KERRY: ...and the Democrats that I can stand up to George Bush, take him on...

SMITH: All right.

Sen. KERRY: ...and win this election for us in November.

SMITH: That's all the time we have for this morning. You spent more time in Iowa...

Sen. KERRY: Thank you.

SMITH: ...than any other candidate. Seven days to New Hampshire. Senator Kerry, thank you so much.

Sen. KERRY: Thanks a lot.

SMITH: Now let's go back to Hannah in New York.

HANNAH STORM (Co-host): All right. Harry, thanks. Still ahead, the Atkins diet gets grilled by a new report about fat intake. We'll have advice that every follower can use. And then we'll tell you how vitamin supplements could actually help conquer Alzheimer's. And later, a 94-year-old woman who has no plans to ease up on the throttle. This is THE EARLY SHOW on CBS.


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