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The Romney Vision: Continue a Surge of Support

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The Romney Vision: Continue a Surge of Support

Gov. Mitt Romney: "'s latest outrageous act is an attempt to call into question the reputation and character of General Petraeus even before he testifies in front of Congress. ... Democrats must make a choice. Will they embrace these deplorable tactics or give General Petraeus a fair hearing?" (Gov. Mitt Romney, "A Fair Hearing for General Petraeus," National Review Online,, Posted 9/10/07)


As The Nation Anticipates Gen. Petraeus' Appearance Before Congress, Gov. Romney Reiterated Support For The Troop Surge In Iraq:

Gov. Romney Supports The Troop Surge In Iraq. "On Iraq, Romney asserted his support for President Bush and the current troop surge. He said he wouldn't disclose alternative plans for Baghdad until he's convinced this surge isn't working. 'I won't lay out 'Plan B,' because I want 'Plan A' to work,' he said." (Tim Gallager, "Romney Preaches Military Might," Sioux City Journal, 7/23/07)

- Gov. Romney: "All Americans want U.S. troops to come home as soon as possible. But walking away now or dividing Iraq up into parts and walking away later would present grave risks to the United States and the world. Iran could seize the Shiite south, al Qaeda could dominate the Sunni west, and Kurdish nationalism could destabilize the border with Turkey. A regional conflict could ensue, perhaps even requiring the return of U.S. troops under far worse circumstances." (Governor Mitt Romney, "Rising To A New Generation Of Global Challenges," Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007)

Gov. Romney: Give The Surge "An Opportunity To Succeed." "There is no guarantee that the new strategy pursued by General Petraeus will ultimately succeed, but the stakes are too high and the potential fallout too great to deny our military leaders and troops on the ground the resources and the time needed to give it an opportunity to succeed." (Governor Mitt Romney, "Rising To A New Generation Of Global Challenges," Foreign Affairs, July/August 2007)

Governor Romney Has Called For A Surge Of Support Here At Home:

Gov. Romney: "I Think It's Time For American Citizens And Politicians To Make A Surge Of Support." "'At a time when American families and individuals are making a surge of sacrifice to support this troop surge, I think it's time for American citizens and politicians to make a surge of support,' Romney said Wednesday in Pelham, N.H., a comment he repeated throughout the day." (Glen Johnson, "Romney Donates $25,000 Amid Plea For Patriotic 'Surge'," The Associated Press, 8/2/07)

- Gov. Mitt Romney: "There's no question: It's essential for America to show that we are committed to success in Iraq. Our men and women are the bravest and most patriotic in the world, that are over there fighting. We deserve to give them the kind of support they need to make this mission successful." (Fox News, Republican Presidential Candidate Debate, Durham, NH, 9/5/07)

Gov. Romney Is Encouraging Americans To Show Their Support For Our Troops In Any Way They Can. "A father's concern about U.S. support for the military surge in Iraq has prompted Republican Mitt Romney to both make a $25,000 donation to a variety of military support agencies and urge Americans to engage in a similar display of patriotism. The money will be divided between USO Care Packages, the Fisher House, A Soldiers Wish List, Packages from Home, Operation Thank You, Operation Shoebox and America Supports You. Links to each site have been placed on Romney's presidential campaign Web site," (Glen Johnson, "Romney Donates $25,000 Amid Plea For Patriotic 'Surge'," The Associated Press, 8/2/07)


Leading Democrats Are Attacking The Petraeus Report Even Before Its Release:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Accused Gen. Petraeus Of Making Misleading Statements And "Cherry Picking" Information. '"He has made a number of statements over the years that have not proved to be factual,' said Harry Reid, the Democratic majority Senate leader. Mr. Reid predicted the assessments of Gen Petraeus and Mr. Crocker would 'pass through the White House spin machine, where facts are often ignored or twisted and intelligence is cherry picked.'" (Andrew Ward And Ed Luce, "Democrats Cast Doubts On Petraeus," The Financial Times, 9/9/07)

Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) Referred To The Forthcoming Petraeus Report As A "PR Document." "Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards said he is concerned the Petraeus report 'will be basically a sales job by the White House, that it'll be a PR document.' He said Congress should use its power to fund the war to insist on a withdrawal timetable." (Nedra Pickler, "Dems Agree On Iraq, Immigration," The Associated Press, 9/10/07)

"Mrs. Clinton Said That Nothing General Petraeus Told Congress Would Persuade Her To Endorse The Bush Administration's Current Strategy In Iraq." (Patrick Healy, "In Miami, Democrats Reach Out To Hispanic Voters," The New York Times, 9/10/07)

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) Said That President Bush Is "Trying To Present An Argument" That The Surge Has Been Effective. SEN. OBAMA: "And the president now is trying to present an argument that somehow because there has been some impact as a consequence of 30,000 troops in Baghdad, that that has brought about any movement on the political front. At this point, I think everybody is aware there will be no military solution to what's happening in Iraq. The question is, are we going to be able to bring about a political accommodation?" ("Quotes From The Democratic Debate," The Associated Press, 9/10/07)

Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) Said That He Thinks Petraeus Is "Dead Flat Wrong." "'I really respect him, but I think he's dead flat wrong,' Mr. Biden said when asked about Gen. Petraeus' expected recommendations. 'I will insist on a firm beginning to withdraw the troops, and I will insist on a target date to get American combat forces out.'" (Eric Pfeiffer, "Democrats Doubt Petraeus' Impartiality," The Washington Times, 9/10/07)

Democrat Anti-War Group Ran An Ad Attacking Gen. Petraeus In The New York Times: Is Running A Full Page Ad In The New York Times: "General Petraeus Or General Betray Us." ", a leading antiwar group, will be even more critical in a full-page advertisement to run today in the New York Times, describing Petraeus as 'General Betray Us' and a 'military man constantly at war with the facts.'" (Michael Abramowitz, "Congress, White House Battle Over Iraq Assessment," The Washington Post, 9/10/07)

- "The Ad Accuses Petraeus Of 'Cooking The Books For The White House,' Citing The General's Claims Of Reduced Violence In Iraq." (Michael Abramowitz, "Congress, White House Battle Over Iraq Assessment," The Washington Post, 9/10/07)

MoveOn.Org Is Already Considering Supporting Primary Challenges To Democrats That Vote With Republicans On The Petraeus' Report. " just telegraphed its members asking if the organization should support primary challenges to Democratic members who would vote with Republicans on the data presented this week by General Petraeus." (Editorial, "Democrats On The Run," The New York Sun, 9/10/07)

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