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State Agencies Reduce Water Usage

Press Release

Location: Phoenix, AZ


640 Million Gallons of Water Saved in 2007

An annual water conservation report released this month illustrates the power of conservation among 14 state agencies that have reduced water usage this year by 17 percent compared to 2004 consumption rates.

"With state government leading the effort, Arizona has made significant progress in creating a culture of conservation for the state," Governor Janet Napolitano said. "Conserving a precious resource like water is a responsibility shared by all Arizonans."

Governor Napolitano made drought preparedness and water conservation a top state priority beginning in 2004, creating a drought task force and developing a state drought and conservation plan. As part of this initiative, the Governor asked state government to lead by example. An Executive Order issued in 2004 directed state agencies to reduce their annual water use by 5 percent.

In response, 14 state agencies reported 640 million gallons of water saved in 2007 compared to 2004 consumption rates. Metering water use, implementing rapid response repair methodology, educating employees on water conservation and using less water for irrigation are all examples of steps state agencies took to reduce their water consumption.

"Everyone should become aware of their water use habits and determine where they can reasonably cut back," Napolitano said. "We need to do our part in conserving water today for Arizona's tomorrow."

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