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Hillary Clinton's Statement on Labor Day

Press Release

Location: Unknown

"On Labor Day, our nation celebrates the hardworking men and women who drive our economy and build the future of our nation. For more than a century, we have set this day aside to spend time with friends and family and to pay tribute to hardworking Americans and the labor movement which has stood up for them -- for fair wages, fair treatment, and fair benefits.

"I believe that the foundation of a strong economy isn't the wealth at the very top -- but the investments we make in each other. I believe that economic growth comes from policies that promote prosperity -- and ensure we all share in it.

"That starts with standing up for our unions because unions have helped build America's strong middle class. I'll end this Administration's practice of harassing and bureaucratizing our labor organizations. When I'm President, we're going to appoint people to the Department of Labor and the National Labor Relations Board who are actually pro-labor.

"And we're going to stand up for the right to organize again, because it's no coincidence that as union membership has declined to just 8% of private sector workers, wages have been stagnant -- and income inequality has increased.

"I'm proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act -- and I was proud to speak out for it on the floor of the United States Senate. And I don't care how long it takes, or how hard I have to fight, I won't back down until that bill finally passes -- because the right to organize is a fundamental human right, nothing less.

"And once you've joined a union, you should have a seat at the table and a chance to have your voice heard. That's why we need to stand up for the right to bargain collectively everywhere.

"I believe that every day ought to be a day to value hard work and value our workers. Long after the parades and picnics, our nation should pay tribute to our workers with smart policies that lift up the middle class, strengthen the right to organize and bargain collectively, improve access to affordable health care, fix the broken pension system, make college more affordable, and so much else. For seven long years, hardworking middle class families have been invisible to this administration. But these families aren't invisible to me and when we take back the White House, they will no longer be invisible to the President of the United States."

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